Producer Showcase – Dr. Donna Kimmel

Producer Highlight – Donna Kimmell

Meet Donna Kimmel, volunteer producer at Montgomery Community Media.

Dr. Donna Kimmel is no stranger to the studio. She has been an active producer at Montgomery Community Media since the late 1980s.

Kimmel has a master’s degree in Fine Arts and a doctorate degree in Psychotherapy. Using her unique qualifications as a psychotherapist, teacher and actor, she produces her current program, Mental Health Minutes: A Dramatization.

Mental Health Minutes: A Dramatization depicts fictional clients in psychotherapy. This program is unique in that the sessions are improvised, not scripted. It has been in production for two years and uses most of the same volunteer crew as it did from the very beginning.

Over the years she has produced several PSAs and programs. Count Down to Women’s Abuse and On Your Stomach: A Way to Reduce Back Pain won her two Monty awards.

As a producer, Kimmel loves the process of putting together video and selecting images to tell a story. “When the program is enhanced with good editing it can increase the dynamic force of the program.”

For new producers, Kimmel offers the following advice:

Start with a small project you can create yourself.

Learn through experience.

A reliable crew is very important.

Mental Health Minutes: A Dramatization airs on Access.19 .

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