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Montgomery Community Media has partnered with the Gandhi Brigade to produce “Gandhi Brigade: Just Us Youth Media Festival”. The Gandhi Brigade is a youth voice project that was started in Silver Spring, Maryland. Inspired by the vision of Mohandas Gandhi to create local peace brigades, the project uses the media... Read more

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Producers (Video)

Producers by Teri West, Brienna Iyomahan, Nickson Minja, Bisrat Arega, Yonatan Mengesha and Sam Gezahegn October 18, 2012.

Last week we shot a video about the rising prices of college. We chose this topic to bring awareness to a subject that will affect us and already affects many young people today. First we designated roles for production like director, producer, camera operator, and talent. Then we looked at our storyboard and used it as a guide to shoot. While we were not able to shoot everything according to our storyboard, we were able to adapt it to our settings. –By Teri West and Brieanna Iyomahan

Our project was based on the Presidential Debate but we were mostly supporting Obama’s values and ideas. We had Bisrat as commentary, Yonatan as Obama, and Sam as Mitt Romeny. Sam expressed the values of Mitt Romeny and what he believes would make the US a better place. The hardest part of the project was getting every one to their place. Our project was unscripted and it was hard to recreate the debate setting. It took awhile for many of us to know what we were going to say before we shot the video 🙁 Shooting the video was a lot of fun because we had a funny idea of what we were going to shoot.– By Nickson, Bisrat, Yonatan and Sam.

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