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Larry Merewitz will keep us updated on events going on in the Olney-Brookeville area. There are always restaurants opening and other events like National Night Out in Olney and of course the farmers market.  I am expanding my area to highlight different places I visit, events  I go to and things I experience through... Read more

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Rockville Antique and Classic Auto show

I began  blogging by covering Olney events and what’s happening in Olney and Brookeville. Over the summer I took a short flight lesson and reported on my vacation through the southwest, included Colorado, Utah, New Mexico. I decided not to only focus on Olney, Brookeville area  but to write about  some things I do that I found interesting and fun wherever it may be. The only way to do this justice is through pictures  and not just words. I think I am a better photographer than I am a writer so I figure since a  picture is worth a thousand words, it is  a whole lot less work to take a photo  than writing. I can take one picture, or write a 1000 words, simple decision for me. With all that being said, lets continue. This weekend for the first time in 22 years I was able to arrange the time to go the the Rockville Antique and Classic car show at Glenview mansion, right off Edmonston and Baltimore road.I packed up my camera and off I went. It was a beautiful day to be out and if you know anything about photography it was the perfect day to shoot.There were 100’s of cars , all makes and models, foreign and american made, all strutting their stuff, and so clean and shiny they made you squint looking at them. I took lots of photos, and   would like to share all but 115 is a bit  too much to  put in this so I will put some that I like the best which will be a hard decision. The old Austin Healy 3000 that I liked in the ’60’s and still do now, I might just make a poster of that one for me. I could go on and on but I think I will drop in as many pictures as I can get away with so you can see  what I’m talking about. I did add a few pictures that Jimmy Romano took with his phone  to give him some credit and a thrill to get his pictures and name in for all  the world to see, THANKS JIMMY!!!  Now let’s take a trip down memory lane for those who were around like me when many of these cars were new. For those that weren’t, to see what a muscle car really was and  what an actual English sports car, like the Austin Healy’s, Jaguar, MG’s and Triumphs looked  like when they roamed the roads. ****A QUICK NOTE, TO SEE THE FULL PICTURE OF THE CARS DOUBLE CLICK ON THE CAR AND IT WILL OPEN A WINDOW SO YOU CAN SEE THEM



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Larry Merewitz

About Larry Merewitz

Larry Merewitz is a long-time Montgomery County resident and worked for Montgomery Community Media for nearly 20 years as the Traning and Volunteer Services Manager. Larry writes a blog on MyMCMedia, find it here.


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