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SU 31-6 Vendor Fair


Girl Scouts enjoying the Vendor Fair!

Sunday, October 9th, Girl Scout Service Unit 31-6 met at a local church to discuss opportunities being offered to Girl Scouts this year. Among these were riding stables, senator assistants, self defense classes, cooking classes, and tech classes.

My personal favorites at the vendor fair were the opportunity to be an assistant to Congressman Chris Van Hollen, and Tiny Chefs Cooking Classes, though many sounded amazing. The opportunity to be an intern to Mr. Van Hollen would be an excellent opportunity for Girl Scouts looking to go into politics. To apply, you must be at least seventeen-years-old, submit a resume, and come in for an interview, just like if you were applying to a job. If you are accepted, you could spend the working hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m.) for one week during the summer as Mr. Van Hollen’s assistant. This entails doing tasks and running errands around his office building and office at Capitol Hill. Through this opportunity, girls could learn about a day in the life of a congressman and what a politician’s life is like. Not a Girl Scout? Don’t despair, this internship is open to anyone who meets the criteria.

Another fun opportunity advertised was the Tiny Chefs Cooking Program. Tiny Chefs is a company that will come to a set meeting place (which could be anywhere with a kitchen- home, church, ect.) and teach girls who are Brownie Scouts and above about preparing their own meals, kitchen safety, and nutrition. Juniors and Brownies will assemble a two course meal- an entree and dessert- and learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Cadettes and above assemble a three course meal- appetizer, entree, and dessert- and go further in depth about nutrition. They will learn about sugar intakes, and what certain foods can do to their bodies. Girls of any age will leave the class knowing how to assemble a meal on their own and how to eat healthy.

Contributor: Val

Another booth was run by Stephen Morris, the founder of the Catylator Makerspace in Silver Spring.

The Catylator is 3,000 sq ft. workshop, where people can get engaged with STEM. A popular class most Girl Scouts like is the 3D printed hand class. In this class they are taught to use a 3D printer to create a prosthetic hand, which is donated to a child across the world.

If a Girl Scout participates in one of the classes, they can earn a science and technology badge, the DIY badge, and/or the wood working badge.

Stephen believes that young woman should have opportunities with modern technology because they can go so far in technology related jobs. All in all, the Catylator is an amazing workshop, and definitely worth visiting.

To find out more about the Catylator you can visit the company’s website:

Contributor: Jessica

The Montgomery County Police were present at the vendor fair, with Kristine Calcara, a forensic investigator, explaining that the Police Department would offer tours of the station, along with mock crime scenes for troops to examine.

A naturalist at Brookside Nature Center, Suzanne Bode, says that the center offers multiple badges for scouts of all levels to earn. They also offer a “camp-in”, where troops have the opportunity to explore Brookside, before camping together in a room inside the nature center.

Tori Garten, an instructor at Bartman MMA, explains that the facility specializes in many forms of martial arts, as well as self defense, specifically for children and women. She stresses that the facility focuses on the emotional and verbal aspects as well as the physical, and that the classes target age specific issues, from bullying with younger aged children, to unwanted sexual advances with teens and adults. Towards the end of the event, Ms. Garten, along with owner Greg Bartman, demonstrated techniques and when they could be used to girls and their parents.

Contributor: Dana

One of the vendors on Sunday was Sewing with Ms. Laura. Ms. Laura conducts basic sewing classes for Cadettes and older. The girls can earn a Sewing Badge if they complete two or more classes. The items you can learn how to sew are a pillow case, a tote bag, and pajama pants. Once the girls learn basic sewing techniques, they can also help in making pillow case dresses and send them to the needy girls in Africa. This class is useful because it teaches basic sewing techniques on a sewing machine.
Another vendor on Sunday was Happy Healthy U with Hemali Vora. She is a holistic health coach. She teaches people to eat right, and the effects of healthy eating on our body. She also teaches the bad effects of eating unhealthily. Some things that your troop will learn is how to read nutrition labels, healthy cooking, meditation, and making nutritious snacks. Two badges Girl Scouts can earn are Eating For Beauty and Science of Happiness.
Contributor: Roshni

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