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Scott and Jeremy  Interns Extraordinaire

Scott and Jeremy Interns Extraordinaire

Hello again! Time has been absolutely flying by as the Documentary Camp ended two weeks ago with a massively successful screening party at the Docs In Progress House. The following Monday a new group of enthusiastic campers arrived for MCM’s Music Video Camp and joined a Documentary camper from my group—The Trolley Boys—who signed up for two more weeks of video learning and excitement.
The first week of Music Video Camp involved a crash course on music video history, cinematic camera techniques and storytelling structure. The campers divided into two teams and picked songs that they agreed upon—no simple task. My group of campers decided to use an instrumental track from the band Explosions In The Sky, titled “Postcard From 1952.” Then they picked their respective roles for the production and developed a story that matched their vision. They storyboarded, created a shot list, scheduled and executed a complex two-day shoot.
At present, they are working hard on the final stages of editing and will screen their music video tomorrow (Friday) afternoon for the community at the Docs House in Silver Spring. If you can’t make it to the screening, please take a moment to watch these budding filmmakers’ works when they post to the MCM website in the next few days.

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