Think Green Minutes

What is a Think Green Minute?

Montgomery Community Media is delighted to have Bethesda Green as a sponsor of Think Green. The Think Green Minute is an extension of that program and provides viewers and web surfers with facts and figures concerning their environment and helpful tips on how to live a greener life. The subject matter ranges from simple energy saving advice to innovative recycling ideas to save the world. It’s the mission of Bethesda Green and this program, to promote a healthy economy and sustainable living practices with business, government and the community to reduce our collective impact on the environment.

Watch the Think Green Minute videos:

10.8.11 – Bicycling To Work Bicycling is a healthy, quiet, clean, economical, and fun way to get to work!

9.3.11 – Garden CompostingGarden composting fertilizes garden soil without the use of harsh chemicals, and helps to prevent too-quick water runoff and soil erosion.

8.6.11 – Electronics Recycling
Electronics recycling can help businesses and consumers to dispose of electronics goods in a more environmentally friendly manner

7.2.11 – Buying Local
Buying food from local farmers’ markets can benefit the environment.