Three Teens Arrested Following Vandalism During A Party in Bethesda

Three teens have been arrested for the destruction of a rental home in Bethesda during a party earlier this month that resulted in broken windows, doors torn off hinges and walls kicked in.

According to a spokeswoman from the Montgomery County Police Department, two males from the District of Columbia and one female from Montgomery County will be charged with one count of fourth degree burglary, one count of trespassing and one count of destruction of property under $1,000.

Earlier this week, Walt Whitman Principal Alan Goodwin sent an email to parents regarding the vandalism stating, “the destruction by students of a vacated rental home is horrible.  This serves as a reminder that we all must be forever vigilant as we guide teenagers through their high school years.”

The letter sent by a Whitman community member reads:

“Dear Whitman Parents,

“On July 1st, our rental property in Bethesda was the target of a burglary by a number of Whitman high school students.  During the party the house was vandalized including broken windows, doors torn off hinges, and walls kicked in.  There was also drug use and the consumption of alcohol. Adding insult to injury, a few days after we cleaned it up, more kids broke in and vandalized it a second time.

“The saddest moment for us was in the final clean up when three immigrants, who barely spoke English, were boarding up the many broken windows and doors.  We could only wonder what they were thinking of the values of Americans. This is where you come in – to help us maintain the values and standards in our community.

“It’s come to our attention that a Whitman student advertised the party to a number of friends and then videos/photos were sent around on social media. Your child may have seen them or have knowledge of the party. If you are a Whitman parent, we would greatly appreciate any help if your child has heard anything about this party, or even better – videos, pictures or names of people involved. We are devastated that the house was trashed and would deeply appreciate your support.

“The police officer who came after the second break-in said he had never seen anything this bad.”


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    I think i know who broke a window

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