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Time Management & How to Tell Colleges Who You Are

Time Management & How to Tell Colleges Who You Are

Hello everyone! It’s time for another weekly blog on the college application process. This week I am focusing on time management when you are applying to colleges and what you should consider when completing those applications.

Everyone is always busy with something. Applying to colleges can seem like just another thing to add to your long to-do list. It’s imperative to set some time aside to do your applications.

I understand you! As a high school senior I too already have dozens of things to do while in high school. I always have work that needs to be done. Putting time into your applications will pay off greatly! You will feel rewarded as you accomplishing a demanding task; and you will be able to send your applications sooner.

Always remember not to procrastinate in doing your applications. If you are a high school junior reading this blog, start the process now! You should definitely look at a few colleges to which you are thinking about applying and see what they require for the admissions process and selection. Do they accept applications online? What SAT/ACT scores do successful applicants usually have?

If you get ahead of the college admissions’ “game,” it will only benefit you in attaining what you want for yourself. Junior year can be a very hectic year for many. Remember, you will have all of summer before your senior year to fill out your applications. Use that time to look into colleges that interest you. Use your time wisely.

August is a great time to get an early start on your applications, and that early start gives your teachers and counselor plenty of time to write your recommendations and to fill out any forms that you may require from them for your college applications. Please, make sure that you look into the different college essays that you will have to do. Choose a topic that works best for you and advantages your application.

Make plenty of time to write your applications. Never until the night before your applications are due to write your essay. Always give yourself enough time to craft the best essay and always proofread it! Ask your parents, teachers, counselors and anyone else who can help you with your application to read your essays. Any feedback will always improve the quality of your essay.

The essay is not the only thing about which you will have to worry, as you fill out your college applications. It is the application itself to which you will need to pay very close attention. When you run into any trouble filling out forms for your college future, don’t hesitate to ask someone. I definitely had some questions about information requested on my college applications.

I ask my counselor and my parents for help and all of their answers have helped me successfully fill out the college application forms. Here is my big piece of advice for filling out college applications: be honest and be yourself. Do not stress out about having the perfect GPA or a perfect SAT score.

Everyone has something unique about themselves that makes them stick out from other applicants. Whether you’re part of the football team, head of the drama club, or even have a love for community service, never hesitate to putting down your interests on your college applications. Colleges enjoy applicants who are honest and very expressive.

Some colleges may have additional requirements for certain majors. Art major applicants at certain colleges are required to submit an art portfolio to be accepted into their program. Dance, vocal and music majors very often must schedule an audition to be admitted. If you love art in any medium, now is the chance to show to your dream college what you can do!

Colleges want more than the person on the paper. They want more than school grades and SAT scores. They want to know who you are! They want to know what you want to do with your life! They want to know what you can contribute to their college! Showing who you are and what you can do on a college application can put you in the lead in the race for college admission.

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