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Town Hall Meeting with Montgomery County Council

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting by Kayin Mazyck October 11, 2012.

On Wednesday October 10, 2012, some members of Gandhi Brigade attended the Youth Town Hall Meeting in Rockville. The purpose of the trip, was to make our voices heard by expressing our opinions and asking questions to the City Council about what we can do to improve and make our community stronger.

Since this year was my first time attending one of these events, a part of me felt nervous but the other part of me was ready to get my questions answered. When I arrived with the rest of Gandhi Brigade, there were many other young people from all around Montgomery County. From Takoma Park and Silver Spring to Burtonsville and Aspen Hill. I was not expecting that many people to be there but it was good to know that all of them were there for the same reason. To get our voices heard and to show that we matter.

It was an exciting and fun experience that I think all youth should consider participating in. From this experience, we felt accomplished and glad to know that people were listening to what we had to say. In the future, I am going to continue to join clubs and extra-curricular activities that can help make the community a better place.

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