Course Catalog

MCM Course Catalog

Introductory Courses

The first and required step toward volunteering or producing at MCM and gaining access to MCM’s broadcast quality professional equipment, is to take Introduction to Video Basics.  This class offers an overview of services and opportunities for community members and prospective volunteers. You’ll learn about our policies and your options for getting involved. In addition, you’ll explore the basics of video production. This class prepares students for all class options offered at MCM.

Studio Production Courses

Technical Director Switching Board

Studio classes teach students the elements of producing in the studio and trains you on all studio and control room equipment.

Studio Director is offered as a 12 week class.  Find out how to call the shots, frame camera shots and build a program in real-time during various types of studio productions.

Studio Producer class teaches students to produce programming using Montgomery Community Media’s two studios.

Studio Technician is 12 week class that teaches students all Studio Basics and Studio Control Room course positions.

Field Production Courses

Field (remote videotaping) classes teach students the essentials of producing programming in the field. It’s flexible and skills learned will help you in Studio classes.  Classes are scheduled to run concurrently so students are working on various components of productions at the same time. Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled class shoots and edits sessions – you must participate in class productions and pass all tests in order to become certified.
Field Camera class teaches students lights, cameras and microphones for remote shooting.

Field Editor is a 5 week class that teaches students the basic operating techniques of Final Cut Pro 7.

Field Producer class teaches students to produce a 4 minute short-form video, directing field technicians and field editors.


Workshops offer training on specialized media topics and equipment.

  • Photoshop for Producers – TBD
  • Studio Lighting – TBD
  • “Smart” Video Workshop  TBD

Video Journalism

Video Journalism is a form of broadcast journalism where the individual is the reporter, camera operator and editor. These individuals have the ability to get into their neighborhoods and communities to get the stories that matter to them. These reporters are vital to getting the word out in Montgomery County.

Backpack Journalism class teaches the basics of Backpack Journalism and is open to Montgomery County High School students (Grades 9-12). Students will learn story composition, shooting and editing. Students will be able to use their segments and MCM’s Backpack Beat TV program and be a part of other programs that air on The Montgomery Channel and Access 19.

Citizen Journalism class teach students to report, film, produce, and edit their own feature news stories that will air on The Montgomery Channel and Access19.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Start DateClass
09/03/2015Green Screen Switcher Workshop-Sept 2015
Class is full, waiting list only
THIS CLASS IS FULL - WE OPENED ANOTHER ONE SEPT 8 ..YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THAT NOW!! Students wil learn how to setup and work with our switcher and chroma key features
Prerequisites: MCM Studio Technician certification.
Length: 1- 3hr class
Fee: $35
09/08/2015Orientation Sept. 8 2015
One two-hour class, includes basic terminology and theory behind video production. The starting point for all classes offered at MCM.
Prerequisites: None
Length: One 2-Hour Session
Fee: $10.00
09/14/2015Citizen Journalism-Sept 2015
Citizen Journalism is a form of broadcast journalism where the individual is the reporter, camera operator and editor.
Prerequisites: none
Length: 3 weeks
Fee: $200.00
09/15/2015Studio Technician-Sept 15 2015
Students will rotate through all Studio Basics and Studio Control Room course positions. Successful completion of this course will certify each student as a Studio Technician.
Prerequisites: Orientation
Length: 12 weeks
Fee: $175.00
09/15/201512 Week Studio Director-Sept 15 2015
Learn to call the shots and build a program in real-time during various types of studio productions. This is the final class of certification for studio technicians.
Prerequisites: Studio Technician
Length: 12 weeks
Fee: $150
09/17/2015Field Producer-Sept 17 2015
In this hands-on class, students learn the fundamentals of remote productions in an interview style format.
Prerequisites: Orientation
Length: 10 weeks
Fee: $175.00
09/19/2015Field Technician-Sept 19 2015
This class teaches students how to operate and be responsible for MCM's field equipment. Incorporating audio and lighting techniques on location.
Prerequisites: Orientation
Length: 4 weeks
Fee: $125.00
09/21/2015Studio Producer-Sept 21 2015
Learn to produce a studio program using MCM's facilities.
Prerequisites: Orientation
Length: 6 weeks
Fee: $175.00
09/22/2015Create a Video of Your Elevator Pitch Sept. 2015
Learn how to produce and edit professional quality video with your smartphone
Length: 10am - 2pm
Fee: $499
09/24/2015Video Editing- Adobe Premiere CC Sept 2015
Adobe Premiere CC is one of the most advanced video editing platforms in the digital world. Commonly and widely used in the industry, Adobe Premiere CC is capable of creating a video with outstanding transitions, effects, and layering. If you want to upload your clip to YouTube or use it for broadcast on any TV station such as ours, Adobe Premiere CC does it all.
Length: 3-3hr classes
Fee: $125
10/06/2015Join the Video Revolution Class Oct 2015
This cutting-edge training will teach even the technologically challenged how to create great marketing videos with an iPhone, in just 3 hours.
Prerequisites: None
Length: Three hours
Fee: $299.00
10/17/2015Non- Linear Editing-Oct 17 2015
In this 5 week class, students will learn the basic operating techniques of Non Linear editing, on a computer-based editing software. Classes will include 3 weeks of classroom instruction and 2 weeks of editing. Students will edit a 4 minute project that will air on the MCM
Prerequisites: Orientation
Length: 5 weeks
Fee: $175.00
10/27/2015Creating Video Testimonials for Your Business-Oct 2015
Learn how to create video testimonials for your business that will build credibility,
Length: 10am-1pm
Fee: $299
11/07/2015How To Create Your College Application Video-Nov 2015
Calling all athletes, musicians and performers! Want to learn how to differentiate yourself from other college applicants? More and more students are using video applications for college.
Length: 10am-1pm
Fee: $299