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Learn How to be a TV Producer and Technician

Montgomery Community Media’s training program teaches you how to make your voice heard through the use of television and other forms of media. Montgomery Community Media offers a wide variety of video classes in field and studio production to Montgomery County residents and organizations.

Students are trained to utilize Montgomery Community Media’s equipment to produce their own programs for air on Access 19 and the Montgomery Channel as well as the web and to volunteer on other productions.

MCM’s training information is organized into the following topics:


Upcoming Class Schedule

Start DateClass
03/30/2015Introduction to Video Basics-March 30 2015
One two-hour class, includes basic terminology and theory behind video production. The starting point for all classes offered at MCM.
Prerequisites: None
Length: One 2-Hour Session
Fee: $10.00
04/06/2015Spring Break Backpack Journalism-April 2015
Class is full, waiting list only
Open to 7th - 12th grade students. During this 5 day intensive course students will learn to shoot and edit a news package. Certification will be given upon completion of the project.
Prerequisites: none
Length: 5 days
Fee: $300
04/13/2015Studio Producer-April 13 2015
Learn to produce a studio program using MCM's facilities.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Video Basics and must be a resident of Montgomery County.
Length: 6 weeks
Fee: $155.00
04/14/201512 Week Studio Director-April 14 2015
Learn to call the shots and build a program in real-time during various types of studio productions. This is the final class of certification for studio technicians.
Prerequisites: Studio Technician
Length: 12 weeks
Fee: $130
04/14/2015Studio Technician-April 14 2015
Students will rotate through all Studio Basics and Studio Control Room course positions. Successful completion of this course will certify each student as a Studio Technician.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Video Basics
Length: 12 weeks
Fee: $155.00
04/16/2015Field Producer-April 16 2015
In this hands-on class, students learn the fundamentals of remote productions in an interview style format.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Video Basics and must be Montgomery County resident.
Length: 10 weeks
Fee: $155.00
04/18/2015Field Technician-April 18 2015
This class teaches students how to operate and be responsible for MCM's field equipment. Incorporating audio and lighting techniques on location.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Video Basics
Length: 4 weeks
Fee: $105.00
04/21/2015Join the Video Revolution Class April 21 2015
This cutting-edge training will teach even the technologically challenged how to create great marketing videos with an iPhone, in just 3 hours.
Prerequisites: None
Length: Three hours
Fee: $299.00
04/22/2015Photoshop 1-April 2015
This fun, and interesting class will not only show you how to enhance, your personal photos, but create graphics that are only limited by your imagination. No prior experience in any graphic program required .
Prerequisites: None
Length: 3 - 3 hour sessions
Fee: $75
04/23/2015Video Editing- Adobe Premiere CC April 2015
Adobe Premiere CC is one of the most advanced video editing platforms in the digital world. Commonly and widely used in the industry, Adobe Premiere CC is capable of creating a video with outstanding transitions, effects, and layering. If you want to upload your clip to YouTube or use it for broadcast on any TV station such as ours, Adobe Premiere CC does it all.
Length: 3-3hr classes
Fee: $125
05/16/2015Non- Linear Editing-May 16 2015
In this 5 week class, students will learn the basic operating techniques of Non Linear editing, on a computer-based editing software. Classes will include 3 weeks of classroom instruction and 2 weeks of editing. Students will edit a 4 minute project that will air on the MCM
Prerequisites: Introduction to Video Basics
Length: 5 weeks
Fee: $155.00
06/22/2015PSA Summer Camp-2015
MCM offers this great opportunity to start the path to success in the growing digital world. With professional HD equipment Media Creators (students) will produce, shoot, and edit a public service announcement about their subject of choice. Their final PSA project will be aired on MCM TV channels and , uploaded to You Tube.
Length: 1-week
Fee: $300
06/29/2015Summer Backpack Journalism June 29 – July 10, 2015 – Session 1
Backpack Journalism, open to 7th - 12th grade students in Montgomery County. During this two week course, will learn story composition, shooting and editing.
Prerequisites: None
Length: 2 weeks
Fee: $300
07/13/2015Green Screen Summer Camp 2015
The Media creators will create a program in our TV Green Screen Studio. They will all rotate through the equipment in the control room and the studio on actual shows tat the same time be learning the studio operation. Upon completion of the class they will get certified as a MCM Studio Technician. The students get SSL hrs for this class and once certified can work on the many volunteer production at MCM.
Length: 1 week
Fee: $300
07/20/2015Backpack Journalism: July 20 – 31, 2015 – Session 2
Backpack Journalism, open to 7th - 12th grade students in Montgomery County. During this two week course, will learn story composition, shooting and editing.
Prerequisites: none
Length: 2 weeks
Fee: $300

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