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Travel from Albuquerque to Flagstaff Arizona


This part of the trip was in Albuquerque and our stopovers on the way to Flagstaff. We visited the Petrified Forest, painted desert and saw a huge hole where a meteor hit earth. The site has been preserved. We got to see a Pueblo village which was built on top of a Mesa (table) which is land which looks like a mountain but is flat like table on top. We then went to the Painted desert and petrified forest which was in the same area The painted desert looks like a Desert but because of the land makeup has many colors when the sun hits it. They are not bright but deeper pastels. The Petrified Forest has many logs and old trees from millions of years ago which due to the minerals, moisture, and other things over the years transformed them into what looks like glass. Then we saw the hole that a meteor left when it hit the earth. You can see some of the pictures to see what this looks like. The Painted Desert pictures didn’t pick up the colors as well.

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