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Larry Merewitz will keep us updated on events going on in the Olney-Brookeville area. There are always restaurants opening and other events like National Night Out in Olney and of course the farmers market.  I am expanding my area to highlight different places I visit, events  I go to and things I experience through... Read more

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Try Something New: Have a Ball

During this past winter  many people felt all boxed in with the snow and the cold weather, never ending. It didn’t seem like spring was ever going to get here. A lot of us said , when the warm weather gets here we are going to start jogging, playing tennis, gardening and other outside activities. Some of us actually intend on doing that just like we do in December when we make the new years resolutions. But the weather gets nice and we get used to it so there is no push to push ourselves because now with all this beautiful warm weather, its a good time to just relax outside.

Well I took a different approach, I got hooked into playing softball on Sunday mornings.  Well, I really didn’t get hooked  because when it was mentioned I thought it would be fun. I worked a lot of hours over the winter and thought this would be a great way to let off some pent up energy and just cool it one day a week. The nice weather, getting into something I haven’t done in years sounded like a great idea. The one thing that seemed to slip my mind was when you get to an age over @$%**, some of these great ideas seem to backfire a little. Your mind says you are 30 something and the body says, OH NO YOU ARE NOT!!, it wins. Needless to say I did injure myself enough so I couldn’t play.

I did like getting out there so I decided to try something different.  I figured since I have a passion for photography and like being outside I decided to shoot the games. I never did sports photos, this was something new. I spend the 2hrs at the field just shutter bugging away, not really sure what I was in for. Its hard to follow a line drive to center and by the time you figure out where the ball is an focus, well it’s already back in the pitchers glove. But I kept at it, tried different things and didn’t do to bad for a first shot at it. I will say though, I didn’t get hurt on the ball field this way.  I’m sharing some of the pix I took  with you. To see more of the softball pix or an assortment of other pix  from travel to butterflies I actually  do have a Facebook  page where I have them posted so you can see them.

Enjoy your summer!!

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Larry Merewitz

About Larry Merewitz

Larry Merewitz is a long-time Montgomery County resident and worked for Montgomery Community Media for nearly 20 years as the Traning and Volunteer Services Manager. Larry writes a blog on MyMCMedia, find it here.


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