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Montgomery Community Media has partnered with the Gandhi Brigade to produce “Gandhi Brigade: Just Us Youth Media Festival”. The Gandhi Brigade is a youth voice project that was started in Silver Spring, Maryland. Inspired by the vision of Mohandas Gandhi to create local peace brigades, the project uses the media... Read more

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Visitors From France!

The Gandhi Brigade promoters hosted a workshop for a group of international students from France. The promoters screened the documentary “Rights of the Butterflies” and followed the screening with a discussion immigration issues both in France and America. Afterwards, we facilitated an activity called “World on Fire” which was an exercise to show how every movement starts with one person recognizing that something needs to be done. The next activities explained a bit more of how social networking sites such as Facebook are a great tool that they can use to organize around an issue among their peers. The group of students enjoyed this activity because they were given a scenario and as a group needed to find ways to communicate and publicize the issue and start a movement. At the end of the workshop, it was exciting to see how the promoters and the students were interacting and having a good time. By Diana Perez

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