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Voters to Hit the Polls for Chevy Chase Town Council Election

For Chevy Chase residents, it’s time to go to the polls.

photo The Town of Chevy Chase sign

Photo | Natalie Neumann

Election Day is May 6 for Town Council members as voters elect three of the five members in the 2014 election to serve for two years.

Polls are located in the Town Hall at 4301 Willow Lane in Chevy Chase and will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Elections are held on the first Tuesday in May of each year to elect members of the Town Council. Three council members are elected to even-numbered years and two council members in the odd-numbered years.

See a video from the Chevy Chase Town Council Candidates Forum here.

The following candidates are up for election/re-election to the Chevy Chase Town Council (find complete biographies and points of view here):

Grant L. Davies – “I am a 30-year resident of the Town of Chevy Chase, where I have raised three children and where my family still lives. My wife Carole-Ann and I moved with our three children to Chevy Chase from Montreal, Quebec in 1984. We stayed in the United States and became American citizens because the Town provided our family with the building blocks for success. I began my own management consulting business, growing it from my basement to 25 employees. I have also served as CEO of Teaching Strategies, an internationally renowned publisher of early childhood education material. Two of my three children now own homes and live in the Town, along with three of my five grandchildren. My family and I are deeply invested in our community and committed to making sure that it continues to offer a vision where ALL residents can thrive like my family did.”

Donald Farren – “I have lived in the Town for over 30 years. During that time my wife and I have raised three sons and launched them into the world. I am retired from a career as curator of rare books and manuscripts and library administrator. I have an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. I did my master’s level work at the University of Chicago and have a doctorate from Columbia University. During over 50 years of active professional life, I have held and continue to hold elected leadership positions in my professional field.”

Al Lang – “My wife, Susan, and I moved to the Town of Chevy Chase in 1980. We raised our 2 sons, Albert and James, in the Town. We have always worked to make our wonderful Town an even better place. My career has traveled many paths. After leaving the technical arena, mathematician and computer scientist, I was fortunate to have business success because I gained and applied management and financial skills. Skills I will continue to leverage for TOCC. In talking with many of you, I know you care about government services, fiscal responsibility and safety. As a councilmember since 2008, these have been and remain my priorities. Included among many efforts are the following: improved street lighting, appropriate increases to policing, storm drains, sidewalk installations, improved traffic flow, safety at Chevy Chase Elementary School, etc.”

Kathie Legg  “I am the mother of one of the Town’s newest residents, born in March, 2013. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be raising her in this Town. Our community is full of talented, accomplished and engaged people. But we’re also busy people. The Town puts out a lot of information – sometimes too much. We can do better, and make your lives easier. My primary goal for the Town Council is to work on ways to get you the information you need when you need it, without burying you in an avalanche of information.”

Kathy Strom – “I am deeply committed to the Town and am excited to be seeking re-election to the Town Council. It has been an honor to serve you on the Town Council. In asking for your support for another term, I promise to continue to listen to you and work hard to accomplish our community’s goals…I will work to expand our parks (and yes, spend some of our reserves for this), protect our buffer areas from overzealous Bethesda development and continue to support services and programs that make our Town an even better place for residents.”

Vicky Taplin – “I feel fortunate to have lived in the Town for the past 15 years. My husband, Ben Delancy, and I moved to Leland St. in 1998, and raised our two sons here. From the start, we found it to be a very friendly and engaged community. Almost immediately, my neighbor asked me to join the Town’s Traffic Committee. I said yes, and found it to be a great way to learn about local issues and meet new friends. We were also very impressed by all the traditions on our block – a weekly newsletter, a Halloween block party, and a back-to-school banana split party. All this, and a leafy, quiet, and safe neighborhood close to all the amenities of downtown Bethesda – what could be a better place to raise our family?”

Deborah A. Vollmer – “I am Deborah A. Vollmer, candidate for the Town council, for the Town of Chevy Chase. I was born January 15, 1948, and grew up with my parents and my older sister, Susan, in the house I still call home. I attended Chevy Chase Elementary School, Leland Junior High School, and B-CC…I am concerned that neighborhood character and the environment are being sacrificed to the greed of developers, who turn a profit when older, modest-sized houses in our Town are demolished to make room for new construction. I favor a new moratorium on building, with a provision for hardship exceptions, and the implementation of a number of revisions to the building code.”

Find more information about the 2014 Chevy Chase Town Council elections here.

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