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About TCL Movie Reviews

This blog is a place where I will share my thoughts and love about film, which includes movie reviews and the latest updates in the cinematic world. All difference of opinions are welcome and I am open to any difference of opinion and to agree to disagree.... Read more

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Movie Theater Matthew Minton blog 310x277

Welcome to My Blog

Hello there everyone. Today, I recently started my blog on titled, “TCL Movie Reviews”. On this blog, I will be posting a lot about movies. This includes reviews, news, and any updates I feel are needed. I am so excited to share my passion of movies with you. Here is some information about me:

  • I am 12 years old (as of today)
  • I attend 7th grade in Montgomery County.
  • I love movies (obviously)

I can not wait to start sharing reviews, thoughts and more!

Matthew Minton

About Matthew Minton

Matthew Minton is an avid movie goer and has written movie reviews for over a year now on his instagram @tclreviews. He attends school in Montgomery County, and is a straight A student. He loves movies and has a strong passion for watching and reviewing them. He loves to share his opinions with everybody, and inform you of what to see and what not to see!


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