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Aline Barros is a multimedia reporter and community engagement specialist with Montgomery Community Media. Her blog will tell stories about the Latino community, services, and events happening in Montgomery County. A blog about culture, different traditions and the diversity of people and businesses in the community. She can be reached... Read more

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Welcome to My Blog

graduationWelcome to my blog “Embracing Diversity” here at MCM. It is an honor and pleasure to take on the responsibility of Community Engagement Specialist. But before I get into that, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but my father used to be in the Brazilian Navy so we moved a few times. My whole family is from the northeast; more precisely Pernambuco, but I was raised in the north of Brazil in a state called Pará (remember how I told you we moved a few times?).

Although my family did not have much, my mother made sure that my siblings and I had the best childhood. Whether it was playing outside, traveling to the Amazon inner cities with my grandfather, or visiting my grandmother in Pernambuco, it was always about family.

My dream since I was in fifth grade was to be a Journalist, and I worked really hard towards that future. I studied two semesters at a Brazilian university, but in 2004 life surprised me and brought me to the U.S.

At first, I was extremely excited at the thought of being a student in America, but I quickly realized that there were some language barriers.  I then decided to start from scratch, and went back to “kindergarten.”

If I wanted to study journalism or become a journalist, I had to dive in and immerse myself in the English world.

In order to meet my goal, I only thought, breath and spoke in English. I had a vision, and even though some people did not believe me, I kept going.

I must say: it wasn’t an easy road. In life we meet a lot of people, most will only talk about the obstacles and how hard it is to conquer your dreams.

But I only needed one chance.  One shot.

Life sent me the best person to give me a hand. So, in 2008 I met my husband, then boyfriend, Douglas. When we got engaged, he looked at me and said “Go to school, and I’ll take care of everything.”

And so I did.

Finally in May 2013, a week before my birthday and two weeks before I became an American Citizen, I walked across the stage. It was, as cliché as it may sound, the happiest day of my life.

Sometimes we think it is not going to work out, and many times I thought that. But with perseverance and willingness to work hard anything is possible.  And as I begin to blog about diversity, all communities, Americans, new immigrants and culture, I hope to be able to feature here that hard work and perseverance are still the cornerstone of American success.

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Aline Barros

About Aline Barros

Aline Barros is a multimedia reporter and community engagement specialist with Montgomery Community Media. She can be reached at Abarros@mymcmedia.org and on Twitter at @AlineBarros2.


2 Responses to “Welcome to My Blog”

  1. On September 10, 2014 at 7:55 am responded with... #


    Great blog! Congrats to you for your preserve fence and successes. I wish for many more for you.

    I wanted to reach out to you to today to explore a potential subject matter for your blog.

    I think my buddy Adam Bradley, founder of Ball Hogs Radio (the largest fan owned and operated sports network on the internet) would be a great story for your organization.

    Aside from his Ball Hogs Radio network, Adam shares my passion for charitable endeavors. He hosts an annual golf tournament (sponsored by Nike) where we support a new local charity every year. This year will mark the 8th year if the tournament and the “Bradley Open” will support a brand new local non-profit “22 Needs A Face,” which supports the men and women who battle PRSD after returning home from war (22 soldiers take their own life every day in our country).

    Let me know if you’d be open to meeting us and I’d love to explore how we may be able to help promote each other.


  2. Elizabeth Ortega-Lohmeyer
    On September 10, 2014 at 9:21 am responded with... #

    Hola Aline, I like what you wrote, perhaps you can help me get in touch with the Brazilian community. Thank you.

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