What a terrific couple of weeks! By Scott Goodin

Scott and Jeremy  Interns Extraordinaire

Scott and Jeremy Interns Extraordinaire

The second week of the documentary camp was a blast, and it was truly a joy to see the three distinct stories come together in the edit! The Trolly Boys, Riboflavin and The Three Musketeers did a fantastic job, each finding their unique voice for their documentaries and deciding what part of their subjects they wanted to showcase.
The final screening was amazing. Each group presented their project, and then, after the screening finished, came up in front and engaged in a Q&A discussion from the audience. Taking questions from an audience is always a nerve wracking experience, and all three groups handled it extremely well, and stayed cool!
I worked with the Three Musketeers who produced a documentary on Howard Connelly, a recycled materials sculptor in Takoma Park. I spoke with him after he had watched the documentary, and he seemed very pleased.

The next week switched gears to music video production – an entirely different monster, with an different set of challenges and rewards! Last week, each group chose a song and then developed a concept, storyboard and shot list. On Thursday and Friday both groups shot, and came back with some truly impressive footage!
This week they’ve been editing their videos, and although there have been speed bumps along the way, have overcome them.

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