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What the Cavaliers and Warriors Must Do to Win the NBA Finals

Finally! The NBA season has come and gone, and now the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are now entering the biggest stage of the NBA, the Finals.Basketball

For the Warriors this is first time the deepest postseason run they have had since 1975, when they won the championship with Rick Barry. The Cavaliers last made the Finals in 2007, when they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs. Led by Lebron James and Stephen Curry, the Cavaliers and Warriors carry the weight of their fan-bases’ hopes and dreams as they attempt to bring home the only trophy that really matters, the NBA Championship.

What the Cavaliers Must Do to Win

Throughout the NBA 2014-2015 regular season, the Cavaliers regularly rode the brilliance of Kyrie Irving, and Lebron James to a 53-29 record. After initially struggling through the first 39 games, Lebron James took a short sabbatical to heal knee and back injuries, and trades for Timofy Mosgov, JR Smith, and Iman Shumpert would help the team earn the second best record in the East.

In the postseason the Cavs have continued to ride the coattails of Kyrie Irving and Lebron James, as well as the hot shooting of J.R. Smith to the Finals. For the Cavs to continue their success they must continue to count on the brilliance of Lebron James. With Kyrie Irving banged up from knee and foot woes, he may not be able to play the way he usually does. If he can camp out on the corners and be a spot up shooter, or even provide a few timely buckets it will provide a huge relief for Lebron.

In my opinion Kyrie Irving’s health could be the X-Factor to whether or not the Cavs win the whole thing. The second biggest factor the Cavs have to be thinking about is the sustained shooting of players like J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Matthew Dellavedova. If that trio of players can each knock down two or three shots from downtown then they will be able to spread out the floor even more for Lebron James and Kyrie Irving.

The Warriors defense are incredibly aggresive when it comes switching on pick and rolls, so a great strategy would force multiple switches and get mismatches for playmakers like Lebron, Kyrie, and J.R to exploit. Lebron and Co. must if all else fails the Cavs have to capitalize bad shooting nights from the Warriors as well. They have numerous veterans who know and have what it takes and it is up to guys like Kendrick Perkins, James Jones, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, and Lebron James. As far as Finals experience goes, the Cavaliers own the edge. It’s up to those five to pass down their wisdom and insure that the Cavs win the championship.

Unless Lebron James disappears like he did in the 2010-2011 NBA Finals, or he gets cursed by Lil B the Based God like Keven Durant and James Harden, the Cavs should absolutely win the championship. As long as the Cavs have Lebron James they will always have a fighting chance, I mean he is the best player in the world. The Cavs also have all the intangibles and talent to win, it’s up to the players to soak in the atmosphere and embrace the increased pressure in order to win.

What the Warriors Must Do

The Golden State Warriors were hands down the best team in the NBA this season. The Warriors can check most if not all tangibles you hear from analysts  say you need to win the championships. Top 5 offense and defense? Check. Superstar(s)? Check. Swagger? Check. Brilliant coaching? Check. An adorable child at press conferences? Check. If there was ever a perfect time for this team to win it all, they might not get a better chance- Especially in the ultra-competitive Western Conference.

All season long the Warriors rode the sensational shooting of the Splash Brothers MVP Steph Curry and All Star Klay Thompson. Draymond Green emerged as a two way star thanks to his endless energy and First Team All Defense. Harrison Barnes finally found his niche as a he posted career high numbers across the board and established his role as another two way player. Andrew Bogut continued to his play to his strengths as a great passer from the post and provided tough defense inside as well. They continued to ride this formula to success in the playoffs as they first swept the New Orleans Pelicans. Then came the Memphis Grizzilies who at first looked up to task in the first three games of the second round. The Warriors then overcame their biggest challenge to date and dispatched the Grizzlies in 6 games. The Rockets were up next, who themselves just finished up a emotional 7 game series that seemed to prove just how good they really were. Despite the best efforts of MVP runner-up James Harden, the Warriors beat the Rockets in 5 games in a gentlemen’s sweep.

It seems as though the stars are aligned for a Warriors championship. As long as the Warriors continue to dominate like they have been up to this point there’s no reason why they can’t win it all this season. They also have the blessing of the Lil B the Blessed God. How could they not win??

My Prediction

My personal opinion is that the Cavaliers will beat the Warriors in 6 games. The Warriors will put up an absolutely valiant effort but they won’t have enough to stop Lebron James.

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