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What You Are Saying On MyMCMedia

A recap of some of the comments posted on the MyMCMedia website and Facebook page this past week.

Black History Month: Jay Wilson 

Lydia Sullivan

“Jay is a remarkable young person who is able to both think big and get into the details of what we need to do to improve Montgomery County. Congratulations, Jay!”

Flags to Fly at Half Staff in Honor of John Harvill

Gregory Wims

“I played for him for two years. He was a great coach. He will be missed by all who knew him. May he rest in peace !!!!”

Romanticizing the Bank

Luis Lobo

“Long time! You wrote a wonderful piece on our family many years ago. We moved “back” to NC almost three years ago and miss Urbana and metro DC. I have been a banker for 30 years and our template for decision making is: “Is it right for the client?” – for that reason MY BANK never originated subprime mortgages. Sadly, we live in a self-serve world and bank clients rarely visit a branch anymore, unless there is an “issue”, coupled with the lack of trust by consumers of the banking industry by having earned a ‘black-eye” during the Great Recession of recent days, . But we must start, and have started by doing financial literacy in the work place, the faith community and through community action groups. The entire banking industry must do this if we are to remain relevant. Congratulations on your blog!”

Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival 

Janine Gilbert-Carter

“Thank you very much for capturing photos from my concert at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival. I had an amazing time and hope you did also.”

Council Members Request More Info About Bus Incident

Londa Lewis

“Glad they’re checking into it. This happens way too often. Many parents don’t report it because of the process. Insanity!”

Snowy Commute

Kimberly Zander

“Why are schools open. This is not safe for kids on school buses.”

Maureen Stles

“In MCPS’ defense I was up at 5 am and there was not one snowflake. It didn’t start til closer to 5:30. There was no way to know.”

Dramatic Reductions in Crime

Sharon Brown Adams

“Run that by me again! Hummm! Never know it by what one reads in the newspaper every morning. And 6th District needs a heck of a lot more than Investigative Unit, for darn sure!”

Council Approves Plans for Outlet Center

Terre Gates

“Please don’t do this, enough already. Lakeforest Mall could use some help. Do something with that, quit all the growth.”

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Sonya Burke

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Sonya Burke is the Multimedia Manager at Montgomery Community Media (MCM). You can email story ideas at or reach her on Twitter @SonyaNBurke.


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