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Here’s our weekly roundup of some of the comments we have received on the MyMCMedia website and social media channels this week:

Five Things You Need to Know Today, March 16

John Bauer

I like this daily feature – keep it up!”

Parking Lot Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Sharon Brown Adams

Now if we could only get a handle on ‘anger management’. Hummm!”

Adventure Theatre’s Three Little Birds Honored


Wonderful! Thank you for posting about @mbobbitt & ATMTC’s accomplishment.”

Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board


GRACIAS to @mymcmedia for covering last night’s SSCAB. Check them out at”

Women’s History Month Profile: Kathy Stevens

Dana Tofig

Great to see @LeaderMontMD classmate Kathy Stevens of @mcael being profiled for Women’s History Month by @mymcmedia.”

Lightning Strike Kids Opera News Release

Mary Ruth McGinn

Thank you, MCM.”

Celebrating the Life of Coach John Harvill

Laurie-Anne Sayles

Great feature video. Trojan Pride.”

Women’s History Month Profile: Vivian Levi

Moshe Ben-Lev

What an amazing person! she is so inspiring! Great to read about unsung heroines!”

Bridge Over Troubled Beverage

John Seipp

Very informative article. Can you put honey or Agave Nectar in coffee instead of sugar?”

Lindsey Seegers

I get this question on EVERY grocery store tour! Honey and Agave Nectar are delicious forms of sugar, but they are just that—sugar. The body recognizes brown sugar, white sugar, corn syrup, turbinado sugar, honey, etc. as simply sugar. What I like about agave nectar, personally, is that the sweet flavor is so concentrated, I use much less than spoonfuls of granulated sugar. But that’s just me.

The take home message is: limit your overall sugar intake (accounting for often-forgotten sugars in salad dressing, cereal, flavored yogurt, dried fruits) and get your sweet fix with naturally sweet fruits and vegetables. White bread and white rice spike your blood sugar in the way that agave nectar or granulated sugar does… all the more reason to choose more whole grains and whole, fresh produce in your day!”

MCPS May Need to Extend School Year Due to Snow Days


It is unfair to take away spring break from kids in Charles County. Why is theta even being considered when it can be added to the end of the year. Why punish the students and families for such a sacred time. As a parent I very dismayed and annoyed since you all teach to the test and drag these kids along daily.”

State Police Stand Behind Executive Protection Troopers

Ashad Hossain

The concern of Lt. Ardolini was solely focused on the safety of the protectee, his troopers, and the general public. His actions, which occurred two years ago, had absolutely nothing to do with any political motivation.”

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