2020 Primary Election Congressional District 6

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Maryland has eight of the 435 Representatives in Congress, based on the state’s population in the 2010 Census. Montgomery County is represented by three Congressional Districts – 3, 5 and 8. Montgomery County voters will elect three U.S. Representatives in Congress in November.  The League of Women Voter’s Guide for District 6 race may be found, here.


Kevin T. Caldwell (R)


Website: caldwellforamerica.com
Facebook: @CaldwellforAmerica
Twitter: @Caldwell4MD6CD

Contact Information
Email: info@caldwellforamerica.com
Town: Brunswick


Chris P. Meyyur (R)

 Website: meyyur2020.com
Facebook: Chris Meyyir
Twitter: @ChrisMeyyur

Contact Information
Email: meyyur@comcast.net
Town: Frederick


Neil C. Parrott (R)

Website: www.neilparrott.org
Facebook: @parrottforcongress
Twitter: @neilparrott

Contact Information
Email: neil@neilparrott.org
Town: Funkstown



Maxwell A. Bero (D)

Website: maxwellbero.com
Twitter: @beroforcongress

Contact Information
Email:  beroforcongress@gmail.com
Town: Clarksburg


David J. Trone (D)

Website: www.davidtrone.com
Facebook: @davidjtrone
Twitter: @davidjtrone

Contact Information
Email: david@davidtrone.com
Town: Potomac

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Board of Education:
District At-Large  4

Circuit Judge

Congress: District 3   6   8