Congressional Candidate Kathleen Matthews Unveils Plan to Reduce Gun Violence (VIDEO)

Maryland congressional candidate Kathleen Matthews released a campaign video advocating for gun safety laws, along with an eight point plan to reduce gun violence in America on Thursday.

You can watch Matthews video below.

Matthews outlined her eight point plan in a news release, and it includes:

  1. A national registry for all gun and ammunition sales
  2. Background checks for ammunition sales
  3. Universal and effective background checks for all gun purchases, accompanied by a seven-day waiting period
  4. Ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines
  5. Implement smart gun technology
  6. Support state-based solutions
  7. Back public campaigns to instill responsible gun safety practices
  8. Boost child safety and education

Matthews says her experience as a reporter covering gun violence in D.C. and also the Beltway sniper crisis are reasons she is advocating for gun control. “It is this first-hand experience as a mother and as a reporter covering gun deaths that stokes my passion for tougher gun safety laws,” Matthews said.

You can view details of her eight-point plan here.

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