County Leaders Share Thoughts on Baltimore Protests via Social Media

COUNTY COUNCIL 2015Several Montgomery County Councilmembers are sharing their thoughts about the protests that have turned violent in Baltimore on social media.

Councilmember Marc Elrich posted his thoughts on Facebook:

“The situation in Baltimore is truly tragic. I hope we can escape this without further serious injuries which will in no way address, let alone solve, the underlying problems. As egregious as the behavior of the Baltimore Police Dept. is, and as short-sighted as public safety policy there has been, Baltimore’s problems, like the problems of most big cities, are rooted in policies that allowed good jobs to be exported from America and shipped to where workers can be treated like dirt and the environment treated like a toilet. Stripping our cities of jobs along with the refusal of government at any level to step in and provide infrastructure and education has laid the ground work for what is unfolding. There’s a posting from the son of Peter Angelos and others from people associated with The Wire that are worth reading and they can be found on Facebook.

“There are at least 40 county officers that have been sent to Baltimore and I hope that all of them return safely to their homes and families. That’s something that I wish for everyone in Baltimore. No good and no solution will be produced by the street fighting, the looting or the burning.

“But this current form ‘engagement’ has to transform into a serious discussion over how to remake Baltimore into a place where everyone is vested in the community and all families can be assured that their children have a future beyond a life of poverty in the projects. It has to be something more than justice in the case of the murder of Freddie Gray, it has to be justice in the broader sense that touches on the very unfinished business of the Civil Rights Movement. The truth is that Baltimore could be almost Any City USA. The cold fact is that for far too many people their fate in society, the opportunity that they will have in society, is determined by color and class. That has to change.”

Council President George Leventhal shared his support for Montgomery County Police on Facebook and Twitter:

“Sending thanks and support to the Montgomery County police officers who have been assisting Baltimore city police.”

Councilmember Nancy Navarro on Facebook.

“Let’s pray for healing, understanding and justice in Baltimore.”

Councilmember Craig Rice on Facebook and Twitter:

“Troubled by what I see happening in Baltimore. While I ask for peace, I also insist the community must feel they are heard and valued.”

Hogan Would Support Changes to How Marylanders Vote in Primaries

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Governor Calls for a Day of Prayer and Peace on May 3rd

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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is calling for a statewide “Day of Prayer and Peace” on Sunday, May 3rd, following the weeklong demonstrations in Baltimore City. The governor released the following statement: “Just a few days ago, the people of Baltimore City, Maryland, and the entire nation watched as Baltimore was consumed by violence and tragedy. […]

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Senator Mikulski on Criminal Charges in Death of Freddie Gray

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U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski issued the following statement after Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced criminal charges have been filed against six Baltimore City Police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray: “Baltimore citizens have consistently demanded truth and demanded justice. “Today the Baltimore City State’s Attorney announced criminal charges have been filed […]

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Hogan Releases Statement on Police Indictment in Death of Freddie Gray

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Service of Solidarity and Prayer for Baltimore Tonight in Rockville


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MoCo SERT's Role in Baltimore (VIDEO)


Montgomery County Police Cpl. Rebecca Innocenti talks about the role of the Special Events Response Team calling the Baltimore demonstrations a “unique incident” in this MyMCMedia Extra.

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Montgomery County Police Assisting in Baltimore (VIDEO)


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Leggett on Helping Baltimore Restore Peace (VIDEO)


In this MyMCMedia Extra video, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett explains how Montgomery County is helping Baltimore restore peace.

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County Executive Isiah Leggett on the Protests in Baltimore (VIDEO)


In this MyMCMedia Extra, County Executive Isiah Leggett talks about the protests in Baltimore and how to handle that kind of situation.

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Senator Ben Cardin Statement on Baltimore

Senator Ben Cardin issued the following statement on the situation in Baltimore: “We need to restore peace to our beloved Baltimore. I am fully committed to seeking justice for the death of Freddie Gray and support the efforts of thousands of Baltimoreans who have participated in non-violent protests and raised their voices in his memory. […]

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