Covering Same-Sex Marriage in MoCo

My editor and I were talking about the best way to cover the Supreme Court prior to its decision on same-sex marriage. Afterwards,  my videographer and I were out the door (including our intern) and headed to Rockville Town Square to cover reaction to the news.

I was able to get a few people talking about the Supreme Court’s ruling of 5 to 4 on same-sex marriage, but I found the reluctance from others interesting. It wasn’t the usual, “I don’t want to be on camera.”

Many people I asked said, “I’ll talk to you off camera and off the record about my support.”  A slim amount of people were ready to get in from of the camera to say it.

Maryland is one of 12 states to recognize same-sex marriage by law and the District of Columbia.

When Governor O’Malley signed it into law in March of 2012, it was challenged by referendum and then later passed in November of that year. Maryland voters upheld the law.

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Tamika Smith

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