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Decadent, Indulgent, Buttery Lobster

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or even a Friday, pro’s always do it with Lobster. These somewhat gnarly-looking creatures give new meaning to the idiom don’t always judge a book by it’s cover. Join us on a tour around the Burbs to check out some of the best places to feast on these delicious delicacies.

Nantuckets Reef 

In the Traville Gateway shopping center on the border of Rockville and Potomac sits Nantuckets Reef. A well appointed restaurant that is cranking out lobster by the fistful. Don B. wrote: “Best clams and lobster roll outside of New England. Extremely fast and courteous service. Oysters were very good as well. Cole slaw was better than most.”

Lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls at Luke’s Lobster | Photo by Business Owner

Luke’s Lobster 

With their own distributor working to deliver fresh Maine Lobsters to the DC area, you can be sure that these rolls are super fresh. Tiffany B. wrote: “Believe the hype! The lobster rolls are really that good. I ordered Luke’s favorite and a small cup of clam chowder. I absolutely loved everything, especially the roll. The bread is buttery, crispy, and pure deliciousness! The lobster was fresh!”

Stanford Grill 

Four words for you: lobster mac and cheese. Preet M. wrote: “Steak was cooked perfectly, and the lobster mac and cheese was not too salty or pungent. Portions were also perfect, leaving me satisfied, but not overly stuffed. This was probably one of the best meals I’ve had in a while” Stanford Grill is hidden at the bottom of an office building in Tower Oaks.

Sushi Jin 

Right off of bustling Fenton St. in Downtown Silver Spring, Sushi Jin is serving up lobster sushi like a boss. Khalia F. wrote: “I’m no sushi lover, but their lobster lasagna has me considering conversion. The atmosphere created by the dim lights reminds me of the sake houses in the anime I watched growing up. The servers are great, too!”

Fried lobster tail & red velvet waffles at Milk & Honey Cafe | Gen S

Milk & Honey Cafe 

New to Beltsville, Milk And Honey Cafe’s 4.5 star average is just as impressive as all the ways they’ve found to introduce lobster into a brunchy goodness. Wendy M. wrote: “Delicious! The shrimp and grits was amazing and the lobster croissant was delicious. We have to go back and try the salmon hash and the red velvet waffles and lobster. Try this place! It’s lovely, warm, inviting, and the food is great!”

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Mike Bishop

About Mike Bishop

While he’s not collecting vintage clocks or volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America; Mike works as Yelp’s Community Manager in the Maryland Burbs of Washington. Everything he does is aimed at connecting people with great local businesses in the community. Whether it’s throwing parties at Flying Dog Brewery, organizing training classes at Donte’s Boxing Gym, or taking the MD Burbs International Supper Club, nicknamed the "Yelp Luck Club", to Nai Nai's Noodles & Dumplings; the goal is to educate and inform passionate consumers of local goods. He’s lived in Montgomery County for 96 percent of his life and is still exploring its wondrous hidden treasures.


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