DLC Director on Carding Customers: “It is not our Intent to Inconvenience our Customers”

photo of county Liquor & Wine store signThe Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control website says that on July 1, every customer will be required to present a valid form of identification when buying alcoholic beverages from the county’s 27 operated stores.

But a new memo from the department’s director, Robert Dorfman, to customers indicates the DLC may be loosening up its strict approach before the new policy even goes into effect.

“Our employees will have discretion, not to require an ID, from those customers that obviously meet the age requirements,”Dorfman said in the memo that was distributed to retail stores this week. “It is not our intent to inconvenience our customers unnecessarily, but rather assure that the age requirement is met, without inadvertently applying potentially subjective or perceived discrimination practices at checkout.”

According to Dorfman, acceptable forms of identification include the following:

  • State driver’s license with picture
  • Military identification
  • Passport
  • Immigration card
  • State MVA ID card

Signs and fliers about the new ID verification policy have been posted at the checkout counters of DLC retail stores.


DLC Staffers to Card All Customers at County’s 27 Retail Stores (VIDEO)

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2 Responses to “DLC Director on Carding Customers: “It is not our Intent to Inconvenience our Customers””

  1. Avatar
    On June 22, 2017 at 7:38 am responded with... #

    Good Grief! I am 68 years old,no one would possibly think I an not of legal age to buy liquor. Or are they tracking who buys liquor and how often,as there is no alternative in MOCO than to but anything you wish to purchase from the county.

  2. Avatar
    On June 27, 2017 at 12:29 pm responded with... #

    Clerks at my DLC store told me they will not sell me alcohol if I do not allow them to scan my driver’s license. How is this legal? I am over 60 years old and I have been buying alcohol at DLC stores for over 30 years. On what legal basis are they now allowed to refuse to sell if I do not allow scanning of my ID? I will allow them to see my ID (even though they never ask for it now) however I will not hand it over for scanning. I believe I have a legal right to buy alcohol so someone please tell me the legal basis for refusing to sell based on scanning.

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