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From Sea To Table

There’s not many things that you can eat that are both super healthy for you and really, really, ridiculously delicious. Seafood is one of them! Whether it’s clams, oysters, lobsters, or crabs — Indulge in some of these guilt-free creatures from the sea before the holidays weigh in on your waistline.

Ocean City Seafood


Ocean City Seafood PHOTO | Marcia S.

Located near the intersection of Piney Branch and University, Ocean City Seafood boasts fresh crabs, lobster, salmon, scallops, and a perfect solid 5 star rating. “Wow. Simply – Wow. I have been in several times for a variety of fish and always end up leaving with a little extra than expected” exclaims Katelyn K.


In the quaint sleepy little one-horse-town of Berwyn Heights, there’s just a handful of businesses. Fishnet is one of them and it’s definitely worth a visit off the beaten path. “Fishnet is certainly a hidden gem in College Park.” Kelly Y. writes. Fishnet is known for their fish sandwiches, bold sauces, and simple unadulterated approach.

CK Seafood

Let me let you in on a little secret: *Whispers* Blue crab is not only delicious during the summer. True Marylanders eat it like it’s their job year round. CK Seafood is one of the places that is servin’ up live blue crab and lobster every day of the year. So now, I implore you, go enjoy the Christmas Crab Pickin’ Feast you’ve always wanted.


Republic PHOTO | Tiffany L


Going to Republic and not having at least a half of dozen oysters is illegal in Tacoma Park; I believe. Don’t take it from me, take it from George P: “I am an oyster fiend. I will destroy two dozens without hesitating.” George P. gave his experience at Republic 5 stars

Dutch’s Daughter

Regulars know that the “Dungeon” of Dutch’s Daughter is where it’s at. That’s the basement of the popular restaurant, where they’re servin’ up crab by the fistful. Cream of crab soup, crab dip, crab stuffed mushrooms, crab imperial, and of course crab cakes are some of the specials you’ll find on the menu. Thomas V. says, “Anything crab is great here. Cream of crab is a must. Crab Dip is essential. Order the salmon, blackened with crab imperial and you will not be disappointed.”

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Mike Bishop

About Mike Bishop

While he’s not collecting vintage clocks or volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America; Mike works as Yelp’s Community Manager in the Maryland Burbs of Washington. Everything he does is aimed at connecting people with great local businesses in the community. Whether it’s throwing parties at Flying Dog Brewery, organizing training classes at Donte’s Boxing Gym, or taking the MD Burbs International Supper Club, nicknamed the "Yelp Luck Club", to Nai Nai's Noodles & Dumplings; the goal is to educate and inform passionate consumers of local goods. He’s lived in Montgomery County for 96 percent of his life and is still exploring its wondrous hidden treasures.


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