Get Started

MCM is a community of multimedia creatives, supporting the production of original content by volunteers and businesses. Want to produce your own short film or tv show? Interested in blogging through our site? Are you already producing content and want to share it through our distribution channels? Are you a techie that likes to learn and use new media technologies? Montgomery Community Media is the place for you to be! Here’s how you get started:

Step 1 – “Orientation”

This is the first step toward learning about content creation at Montgomery Community Media. Get a tour of the studio and find out how the Education & Community Engagement department works with volunteers to provide educational training and support services for creating content.

Step 2 – Join MCM & Pay Annual Membership Fee

Membership allows you to take advantage of all the classes, events and opportunities that MCM provides for its members. The fee also covers use of facilities (studios, editing suites & equipment checkout).

Step 3 – Sign up for Classes & Get Certified

Get started! Sign up for one of our Core Classes. These classes are the foundation to content creation at MCM and lead to certification.

This class teaches students the essentials of producing programming in the studio and the field. It’s flexible and skills learned will help you in Studio classes. This course will certify you in producing and allow you to start creating content at MCM with other volunteers.

This class is a technical class. In a professional studio environment, participants learn how to operate studio production equipment while serving as production crew in various technical positions. This class will certify you as a studio technician and is the prerequisite for advance classes in studio production.

This technical class will prepare you for working in the field. Students will learn the technical aspects for field production as well as how to edit the footage recorded. This class will certify you as both a field technician and editor.

Step 4 – Volunteer

Once you take a class and pass the exam, you become certified to use MCM’s equipment and studios. You are now ready to produce your own show or volunteer on a show.

MCM staff will continue to be available with ongoing technical help and further training from the beginning of your project to the completed program. When your show is completed, MCM will provide you free air time for airing your show.

Training FAQ

What class should I take?

First, take Orientation. To get started at Montgomery Community Media, you must first attend the Orientation. It is designed to give community members a better understanding of Montgomery Community Media services and will help you figure out what class would be best to take next. It is also the prerequisite for all Core Classes.

I already have a background in television production. Do I still need to take the classes?

Not necessarily. Some classes may be skipped by taking an equivalency exam.

Do I have to be a Montgomery County resident?

No, you do need to be a Montgomery County resident to take our classes. HOWEVER, only Montgomery County residents are allowed to produce a show. Non-residents are allowed to volunteer on any production.

Is there an age requirement for classes?

Students must be at least 18 years or older to take classes. MCM offers camp and other youth programs for youth multimedia training.