Hoggle’s Defense Attorney Files Motion to Dismiss Charges, Hearing Set for Sept. 15 (VIDEO)

Catherine Hoggle is due back in court on Sept. 15.

Defense attorney David Felsen has filed a motion to dismiss three misdemeanors that his client Catherine Hoggle was charged with almost three years ago in the disappearance of her children 3-year-old Sarah and 2-year-old Jacob.

Since she was arrested by Montgomery County police officers and charged with child neglect, obstruction and hindering in Sept. of 2014, Hoggle has been treated for mental health issues at a state psychiatric hospital where doctors have determined she is not mentally fit to stand trial on the charges.

“Under the statute, …  if somebody is charged with a misdemeanor or a crime that is not a crime of violence and they have been incompetent for three years the court should under the statute dismiss that particular charge,” Felsen said. “There are three cases here, each of which are a misdemeanor, and so we are coming up on those three years.”

District Judge Sherri Koch set a Sept. 15 hearing in front of Judge James Sarsfield to consider the motion to dismiss the misdemeanor charges.

The father of Sarah and Jacob, Troy Turner, was in court today along with other family members and friends. Turner said he is “pushing forward” to get “justice for my children.” According to Turner, prosecutors may move forward with more charges.

“They feel like they have a good case for a no body homicide,” Turner said.

A spokesperson in the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office would not confirm or deny that prosecutors were considering additional charges.

“My main concern is bringing my kids home,” Turner said. “If they are dead….they need to come home.”

Turner is also bracing for the three-year anniversary of the disappearance of Sarah and Jacob on Sept. 7 and 8th from their Clarksburg home. Although he is not sure how he will spend those days, he said there has been talk of a balloon release and even a memorial service.

Lindsey Hoggle is Catherine’s mother, and she believes her daughter “is capable of being competent.” She also believes her grandchildren are still alive.

“I want Sarah and Jacob home,” she said after today’s court hearing. “It’s time we resolve this mystery.”

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2 Responses to “Hoggle’s Defense Attorney Files Motion to Dismiss Charges, Hearing Set for Sept. 15 (VIDEO)”

  1. On September 1, 2017 at 9:59 pm responded with... #

    How is the three year disappearance of two minor children ONLY a misdemeanor? What about the Fathers right to see his children? The prosecutor and the courts should be embarrassed by the way they have mishandled this whole mess. When the rights of the accused are more important than the well being of two minor children, it’s time for this brand of justice to be seriously looked at. Where is 60 Minutes or 48 Hours when you need them?

    • On September 15, 2017 at 12:36 am responded with... #

      This is Sarah & Jacob’s Grandmother. I have asked ABOUT more exposure. Tried for three years to contact, John Walsh, AL SHARPTON, Nancy Grace ( who helped) Dr. PHIL, ETC. STILL WAITING ON THE FBI Agent, I shared the true story with ( told me, ” If it we’re up to me,we’d start tonight”). In short, M.C. POLICE see this poor mental WHITE GIRL with this big BLACK MAN, who took advantage of her. It’s the opposite(she controlled everything with her sickness (of control). Lacking police protocol, lie after lie, plus supporting her parents lies…embarrassment comes second to blocking justice with The Unjust, JUDGE Wolfe who was in cahoots with Felson, her attorney. Ryan, States Attorney told me…they have never seen anything like this. No FBI, No Police Protocol equals No Justice for SARAH & JACOB. JARD TO TELL WHO ARE THE VICTIMS & who is the Monstrous Criminal. Felson won’t let her tell the truth(even her mother can’t visit). I welcome a whole knew circus with the grand jury. CATHERINE HOGGLE CHARGED WITH MURDER, WHEN 2 Babies not found…about time to stop waiting. STILL PRAYING MY PRECIOUS GRANDS ARE ALIVE.

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