Leggett Urges Residents to Stay Home and Off the Roads (VIDEO)

PHOTO | Phil Fabrizio

PHOTO | Phil Fabrizio

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett held a news briefing at the Emergency Operations Center on Sunday afternoon to discuss the status of snow plow operations, following the blizzard that dumped over 30 inches of across the county.

Leggett was joined by Transportation Director Al Roshdieh, Highway Services Chief Richard Dorsey and other emergency management officials.

“We are making progress,” Leggett said, as he advised residents to stay home and off the roads until conditions improve. He said it may take several days for some residential streets to be cleared because of the sheer volume of snow. Crews are focusing on primary roads and emergency routes first. The snow removal operation includes hauling snow away. That snow is being dumped at one of five different sites across the county, according to Roshdieh.

You can watch the briefing, below:

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One Response to “Leggett Urges Residents to Stay Home and Off the Roads (VIDEO)”

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    On January 25, 2016 at 9:52 am responded with... #

    I know most of you are doing your best but with all my respect usually the snow plows small or large should not stop during the snow fall to avoid thicknesses of more than 10 to 12″. If we had a visit or two from a small snow plow we would be in a much better condition than now. No one passed by since the beginning of the storm and the snow is 30″ + high and on the top of everything we have compacted snow now.
    We have an open main road at 300ft from us that has been fully cleared on Sunday morning and we cannot reach that road unfortunately.
    All my friends and co-workers in Virginia are at work as we speak and we are still waiting for the road to be opened in Montgomery county!!!!
    I know the area to be covered is vast, I know the area is not used for such high volume of snow but what I am saying is that basic proactive actions should have been implemented to somehow avoid this mess or minimize it.
    I am expressing myself from experience and not from anger. I lived through several large storms and always kept on seeing the snow plows going around during the storm to avoid the mess we have as of today.
    I cannot describe the situation a good friend of mine is living now since his wife is pregnant and due anytime. The poor women is freaking out just because the roads are still untouched!!!

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