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Let Them Yelp Cake

Sure, cupcakes were hot for a while. Cake pops came and went. But the truest form of this most delicious treat has stood the test of time — and the tastes of time. Whether it’s Jim’s Birthday or Janet’s wedding, Jo Jo’s anniversary, or Jill’s engagement to Jerry — there’s always something to celebrate with everyone’s favorite cake.

Les Delices French Bakery

Tucked away in a miniature strip mall off of East Gude sits Les Delices French Bakery. Personally, having eaten amazing treats from here, I can put a Yelp seal of approval smack dab on the bakery. Shawn K. says it best, “Easily we have ordered about seven cakes from them in the past two years. Every time they have been phenomenal…” Couldn’t have said it any better myself.


JennyCakes Bakery PHOTO | Coqui B.


JennyCakes Bakery

120 reviews with 4.5 stars is impressive, to say the least. “When I picked up my delicious Cassata cake, with white icing and strawberries, the presentation was just perfect; it didn’t last long at home…,” Shelly J. writes.

Cakes Plus

You know it’s a good cake when you have to ask yourself, “Is that a cake?”  These masterful Michelangelo are constructing cakes that are not only delicious but deliciously deceiving. Samantha H. wrote: “I just had my wedding over the weekend… Not only did they help me find the perfect cake, but they gave me many options to choose from.”


Cakes Plus PHOTO | Katherine M.

Classic Bakery

It’s not just cake here! If you’re interested in pointing to petite-fours or binging on baklava; this is your spot. Sure they have cakes! In fact Hima P.’s family… well, “My family has ordered cakes there for every major family event for as long as I can remember. In fact, no celebration is complete without a Classic Bakery cake!” If that’s not a screaming endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Kake Korner

Another fantastic Laurel spot, this bakery uses a special blend of super “smoothable deluxe” buttercream. MCarreen B. writes: “My daughter wanted a Peppa Pig cake. They didn’t have any examples in the shop because they said it’s a relatively new character but I provided them with a couple pictures and it came out perfectly.”

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Mike Bishop

About Mike Bishop

While he’s not collecting vintage clocks or volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America; Mike works as Yelp’s Community Manager in the Maryland Burbs of Washington. Everything he does is aimed at connecting people with great local businesses in the community. Whether it’s throwing parties at Flying Dog Brewery, organizing training classes at Donte’s Boxing Gym, or taking the MD Burbs International Supper Club, nicknamed the "Yelp Luck Club", to Nai Nai's Noodles & Dumplings; the goal is to educate and inform passionate consumers of local goods. He’s lived in Montgomery County for 96 percent of his life and is still exploring its wondrous hidden treasures.


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    On December 9, 2016 at 8:52 am responded with... #

    I just LOVE Jenny’s cakes in Kensington. I’ve ordered several cakes through them, and they’ve all been amazingly delicious!

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