MCM Programs

Montgomery Community Media (MCM) Emmy award-winning programs


Studio 501c3 showcases Montgomery County’s nonprofit organizations. A 501c3 nonprofit distinction means the organization has been recognized by the IRS as being tax-exempt by virtue of its charitable programs. And donors to that organization can write off their contributions. A 501c3 is considered a charity that seeks to promote the public good in one form or another.

The host of Studio 501c3 is Kim Jones who is the executive director of Nonprofit Village.

Monthly MCM hosts networking sessions for small businesses at the studios in Rockville. The Small Business Network (SBN) offers the opportunity to invigorate and innovate your business with insight and information from regional business leaders’ presentations followed by question and answer sessions. Seminars and networking are designed to support and enhance the success of your business in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Government has focused on racial equity with a mission to reduce and eliminate racial disparities and inequities in Montgomery County. The Racial Equity and Social Justice Act was signed into law in 2019 and the Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice was created. MCM’s See Me Montgomery vignettes provide the opportunity to county residents to share their experiences with racial discrimination.


Politics in Montgomery County

21 This Week is a political talk show that has been on air since 19??.