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Message from the Universe: Getting Back on Your Feet!

“Inquiring minds want to know:

Have you ever felt so down you wondered whether or not you’d bounce back?

Were you later surprised by how quickly you did bounce back?

And then were you surprised by how far you went?

Did you promise you’d never forget how amazing that was?

We did.

In awe,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley, http://tut.com

Any kind of failure can be very disappointing, and for some, it can be a disastrous event in their lives. Life will come and hit them with a ton of brick and beat them down to their knees until they are too weak to get back up. They will then wonder where did they go wrong? What did they miss to guarantee their success and what did they do to deserve such a terrible outcome? Life in itself doesn’t discriminate base on color, ethnicity, race, status or whatever else. It will come to you and push you down when you least expect it. You will face failure many times in your life but it is up to you to get back on your feet and keep on moving forward. You, me or nobody else will be stronger than life. It’s not about how hard you hit back, but its about how many punches you can take and keep on moving forward. Life will randomly going to target people and will see how much will you have to fight back. If you are able to take punches and still stand on your two feet, life will eventually look for someone weaker. So if you want to win this battle, be ready to swallow these punches and find a way to stand tall. The fight is not over until you hear the bell!

Life is just like a boxing match. You just want to hit and take the hits as well, but not let your knees buckle during your journey to success. Yes, it will hurt like hell and your ego will also get terribly injured through the process. I know it can be hard at times to work so hard for something and not be able to reach the desired results. I am aware of all that as I experience it daily. I went through more failures than the amount of digit a calculator can hold on the screen. But do i stop because of it? Absolutely NOT. I will not stop until i get to where i need to be. If I don’t try, I will never know and if I don’t ask others for help, the answer will always be NO. What do i really have to lose? How is my life going to get affected by failure? As we all know, failure doesn’t exist, acquiring a lesson does. Every time you miss the opportunity to succeed, you gain more knowledge the next time around. You gain experience so you can do it better next time around. If the next time doesn’t work either, there is always a third time. Just look at Thomas Edison with the light bulb, it took him 1000 try before he got it right. Are you willing to try 1000 times to get things right and succeed far beyond your imagination? No one told him: “Hey Thomas, you have 653 more tries to go but I guarantee you it will work at the 1001th time. He went with his guts feeling and push forward, no matter the critics. I am sure that he faced a lot of mockery throughout his journey to the invention of the bulb. If he made it, as many other successful entrepreneurs, you can do it as well. Focus on what you can do and keep on fighting until you do. You have so much to offer so go out there and make things happen.

Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days. 

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Dan Amzallag

About Dan Amzallag

A fitness expert specialized in both resistance training and nutrition, Dan Amzallag has 14 years experience in the field of kinesiology, cardio vascular and kettle bell training. He has written three books related to fitness and personal training and been published and sold through famous retailers such as B&N and Amazon. Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD also possesses a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and communication from the Institute of Metaphysics and Humanistic Sciences in Sarasota, Florida. He is a certified life and fitness coach and helps people with different problems related to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and so much more. If you are looking for coaching, or counseling, do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience. I am here to help. Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD 3013251550


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