Police Report Video Shows No Images of Missing Hoggle Children

The New Jersey video that one woman said might have included the missing Hoggle toddlers from Clarksburg did not include any images of the children, according to Montgomery County Police.Hoggle search fund out of money for slider 450 x280

Capt. Darren Francke, director of the department’s Major Crimes Division, told MyMCMedia Thursday that the department reviewed the video sent from the Joyce Kilmer Service Area off the New Jersey Turnpike near New Brunswick. Laura Penny of Shoreham, Long Island, N.Y. reported on the FindSarahFindJacob Facebook page that she thinks she may have spotted the toddlers who have been missing from Montgomery County since September just outside the rest center on Dec. 28.

“The children and woman that Ms. Penny saw were not viewed on any of the camera feeds. When they were observed by Ms Penny, they were outside and there were no cameras in that area. Based on the entire investigation and the statement of Ms. Penny we believe it is highly likely she saw a child that only bore a resemblance to Jacob and possibly Sarah,” Francke wrote in an email to MyMCMedia.

The toddlers have been missing since early September. Their mother, Catherine Hoggle was the last to be seen with the pair. She is being held in the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center being treated for mental illness and is charged in their disappearance. She has not provided any information about her children’s whereabouts.

Lindsey Hoggle, grandmother of the two children, said just because the camera didn’t pick them up doesn’t mean the pair weren’t there.

“How do you make an assumption that because there were no cameras, that they were not there?” Hoggle asked. “To me it is not logical scientific assumption.”

Police have said they are building a homicide case against Catherine Hoggle, but Lindsey Hoggle questions why the police theory that the toddlers are dead holds any more weight than the theory that the two are in someone else’s care given to them by their mother.

“This a complicated case. There are no bodies. Both theories should be weighed equally since there is no evidence to support either theory,” she told MyMCMedia.

Police have said they have no physical evidence in the case.

“We remind anyone that if they believe they have seen Jacob and Sarah to call 911 so that authorities can investigate it immediately. We have had several instances of that occurring and have been able to definitively rule out those sightings with the assistance of our law enforcement partners,” Francke wrote to MyMCMedia.


Catherine Hoggle Found Incompetent to Stand Trial Again


A competent status hearing was held on Tuesday to determine if there has been any changes in Catherine Hoggle’s mental condition. The judge found Hoggle incompetent to stand trial for the 2014 disappearance of her two children Sarah and Jacob Hoggle. Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy says the next status hearing for Hoggle will […]

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State's Attorney Seeks Delay in Hoggle Competency Ruling

photo of Catherine Hoggle for slider

The Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office is asking a Circuit Court judge to hold off ruling on Catherine Hoggle’s competency for four more months, according to a motion filed this week. Hoggle, 32, faces murder charges in the deaths of her two children, Sarah and Jacob. She has been ruled incompetent since the children’s disappearance […]

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Catherine Hoggle to be Evaluated by New Psychiatrist

McCarthy Hoggle ftrd

Catherine Hoggle, the mother accused of killing two of her children nearly five years ago, has spent most of the time since then at Clifton Perkins Hospital Center in Jessup, a maximum-security psychiatric hospital. That could change in August. Based on the hospital’s psychiatric evaluations, judges have ruled Hoggle incompetent to stand trial. Montgomery County […]

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Hoggle Again Ruled Incompetent; Prosecutors Seek Independent Evaluation


A Montgomery County judge ruled Tuesday that Catherine Hoggle, who has been accused of killing her two children, remained incompetent to stand trial. The decision was the latest in a series of rulings where Hoggle has been brought before a judge and found unable to assist in her defense based on reports of her doctor […]

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Hoggle Update: Prosecutors Seek Independent Evaluation on Mental Competency

Hoggle search fund out of money for slider 450 x280

It’s been about four years since the disappearance of Sarah, and Jacob Hoggle. They were last seen with their mother, Catherine Hoggle-who has not given any information regarding her children’s whereabouts since their disappearance. Most recently, Catherine Hoggle had a status hearing to determine her current mental status, and if she is competent to stand […]

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Hoggle Again Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial


Catherine Hoggle was once again ruled incompetent to stand trial on Friday. The woman faces two murder charges in connection with the disappearances of her two children four years ago. The children — Sarah who was then 3 and Jacob who was then 2 — have never been found. They were reported missing, and Catherine […]

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Hoggle Expected in Court Friday


Catherine Hoggle, who faces two murder charges for the disappearance of her two young children, is scheduled to be in court again Friday. Once again, the issue will be whether she is competent to stand trial. She will be appearing before Circuit Court Judge Robert Greenberg. The case had been before Judge Michael Mason; the […]

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Father of Missing Children: 'There Will Never Be Closure'

troy turner 9_2018

It’s been four years since Sarah and Jacob Hoggle went missing.  During a candlelight vigil Friday evening, the children’s father, Troy Turner, said every day is getting harder because there are no signs of their whereabouts. The children were last seen with their mother, Catherine Hoggle, in 2014.  She was recently charged for first degree […]

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Candlelight Vigil for Hoggle Children Will Be Held in Germantown

candlelight-vigil 450x280

It’s been four years since two young children from the area went missing. Sarah, 3, and Jacob 2, were last seen with their mother, Catherine Hoggle. Hoggle, who had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was charged with first degree murder of her children, but deemed not competent to stand trial. She is currently being held […]

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Hoggle Again Deemed Not Competent to Stand Trial

iStock-834734164-Justice Scales-square

Catherine Hoggle, who faces two murder charges after the disappearance of her two young children, was deemed not competent to stand trial, a spokesman for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office said. Circuit Court Judge Michael Mason made the determination in a status hearing. Hoggle, 31, will be evaluated yearly; her next competency hearing will […]

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