Montgomery Talks: Greening Up Montgomery County

Montgomery County recycles a lot of its trash, but it’s going to have to recycle a lot more if it wants to close its pollution-belching incinerator in Dickerson — it won’t be easy being green Montgomery, or so says the county’s environmental protection chief, Adam Ortiz. Listen to his chat with Doug Tallman on this latest edition of Montgomery Talks.

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Douglas Tallman

About Douglas Tallman

Reporter with 35 years experience throughout Maryland. Reach me at or via Twitter at @MCM-Doug


One Response to “Montgomery Talks: Greening Up Montgomery County”

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    On April 23, 2019 at 8:15 am responded with... #

    “Pollution belching” – can we get some numbers? Just how much are the emissions from the Dickerson WTE plant? How does it compare to similar facilities in the region? Nationally? Has it occurred to anyone that it might make more energy and economic sense to recover the caloric value of municipal solid waste to generate electricity than to pile one on top of another of unit operation costs of recycling?

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