Montgomery Talks: Safe Haven for County Abuse Victims

Domestic abuse survivor Cheryl Kravitz teamed up with Thomas Manion from the Family Justice Center to paint a vivid picture of how one woman and her children escaped from a dangerous situation, and where others can go for help – on this episode of Montgomery Talks with Doug Tallman.

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Douglas Tallman

About Douglas Tallman

Reporter with 35 years experience throughout Maryland. Reach me at or via Twitter at @MCM-Doug


One Response to “Montgomery Talks: Safe Haven for County Abuse Victims”

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    On May 26, 2019 at 2:05 pm responded with... #

    Listening to this podcast was extremely frustrating. The statistics used were not accurate. 1 in 7 men is playing into the mysoginistic narrative that men’s rights activists would like women to believe; but do nothing for healing communities plagued by domestic violence issues. One would think that in a state as populated as Maryland they would be leading the country in interventions for victims. Instead what seems to be happening is allowing abusers to disguise themselves as victims and perfect DARVO techniques. Which further entrenches their abilities to take our children in family court. You are not helping women in court. Listening to the male speaker from Family Justice League—no wonder there’s so many survivors from Maryland reaching out for help nationally. Your system is failing. Failing it’s women. Failing it’s children.

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