Motorists Urged to Stay Alert for Deer During the Fall Season

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urges drivers to be alert for deer wandering onto local roadways as they look for food or mates.

Last year, their were 3,364 deer-vehicle collisions on roadways in Montgomery County, according to the Maryland Annual Deer Report by the DNR.

This fall, officials with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources are reminding motorists to stay alert for deer and other wildlife as the animals are on the move in this cooler weather.

“Deer increase their movements significantly during the breeding season from mid-October through November as they search for mates,” said Paul Peditto, director of DNR’s Wildlife and Heritage Service. “Motorists should be especially cautious from dusk to dawn when deer are most active and likely to be encountered on the road.”

According to DNR officials, there are five ways to avoid a deer collision:

  • Be particularly attentive in the early morning and evening periods.
  • Gradually brake to avoid hitting a deer; do not swerve as this may cause you to lose control of a vehicle.
  • Slow down if a deer crosses the road ahead. Deer often travel in groups and others may be nearby.
  • Stay alert and slowdown in areas where deer crossing signs are posted. These indicate locations of frequent deer activity.
  • Watch the shoulder. Be alert for deer standing along the shoulder as they may suddenly move into the roadway. Slow down and sound your horn to scare them away.

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