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Manage Your Damn Money (MYDM) is a financial management show with attitude, urgency and creative flair. MYDM aims to inspire the conversation to move viewers to discuss and improve upon their personal finances and their understanding of the financial world.

Ben Carter and Malcolm Ethridge co-host the show and believe personal finances aren’t that difficult and you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand how to manage your money.  Their goal is to inspire day-to-day conversations about money and to connect financial advice to your everyday lives. The show includes musicians, artists, poets and a healthy balance of money professionals who will tell their stories to help you gain more confidence in what you know or should know about personal finances.

Carter and Ethridge have moved production of their show to the television studios of Montgomery Community Media (MCM), an independent, nonprofit public access media organization. The show will be produced both as a television show and as a podcast at Montgomery Community Media’s flagship TV studios in Rockville.


#MYDM: Stay Woke About Your Money

MYDM hosts Ben Carter and Certified Financial Planner Malcolm Ethridge explore how keeping up with money news can work to your advantage. Stay woke about your money.

#MYDM: 618 Thousand Millennial Millionaires

Millennials are killing the game of managing their finances; what millennials are doing right. Managing Your Damn Money hosts Ben Carter and Malcolm Etheridge, CFS, discuss how 618,000 millennial millionaires came to be.

#MYDM: The Customer Lifetime Value Score

On hold with a company too long? It might be an indication of what that company thinks of you. Ben Carter and Certified Financial Planner Malcolm Etheridge talk about one way some companies value your business.

#MYDM: Commercial Real Estate Investing

Is commercial real estate investing right for you? Hosts Ben Carter and Certified Financial Planner Malcolm Etheridge discuss how realistic it is for the average person to own commercial real estate.

#MYDM: National Debt and Investing

America’s national debt can affect your money. Manage Your Damn Money hosts Malcolm Etheridge, CFS, and Ben Carter explain how the national debt can affect your investments.

#MYDM: WeWork IPO Drama

Ben Carter and Certified Financial Planner Malcolm Etheridge examine the “WeWork IPO Drama and the Mythology of Unicorn IPO Startups,” not one of Ben’s favorite companies.

#MYDM: Aggressive Saving Plan

An Aggressive Saving Plan. Is Your Future Worth It? Why sacrifice now for a more secure tomorrow? Manage Your Damn Money host Ben Carter and Malcolm Etheridge, CFS, talk you through the tough decisions surrounding partying now and paying later.

#MYDM: Four-Day Work Week

Will technology allow us to work fewer days of the week? Ben and Malcolm discuss esearch that says ‘YES!” and points to less stress, increased focus and employee loyalty. Will it work for you? And will American employers accept it?

#MYDM: Four Income Households

Side hustles are leading us all to a different standard of leaving. First, there were one-income households, followed by two, then three. Ben and Malcolm discuss how four income households may become the new norm. Guest Maureen Marat Esq. talks about the options for funding startups.

#MYDM: Things We Hate About Personal Finance

Millennial money men Ben Carter and Malcolm Ethridge talk about things they hate about the Personal Finance Industry and give you clues about which well-known experts may provide direction that suits your situation.

#MYDM: How Financial Tech (Fin-Tech) Works for You

A relatively new industry is springing up in the finance world. Ben and Malcolm explore how this new process may displace traditional banks. Guest Calvin Williams, Jr., joins them to provide more detail on the industry and explain why he founded his company, Freeman Capital.

#MYDM: The Marijuana Industry

Despite marijuana being illegal under Federal law, the legal marijuana industry in the country was estimated at 10.4 billion dollars in 2018. Marijuana is legal in 10 states for recreational use and 33 states for medical use.

#MYDM: Is Risky Business Your Business

Every investment involves risk. Will you make money? Will you break even? Or lose everything? There are no guarantees, but there are ways to determine how much risk you can or should stand. On this episode of Manage Your Damn Money, Ben Carter and Malcolm Etheridge discuss how you can figure out whether an investment is for you, based on how big a risk you are willing to take.


#MYDM: A Solid Financial Plan

What do your finances say about your life? In this episode, Malcolm and Ben tell you how to build a plan that can make your finances and your life better. This is a show to share.


#MYDM: The Economics of Renting

With home rents rising quickly across the U.S., Ben and Malcolm discuss whether home ownership is till the way to go. These millennials may surprise you on this episode of MYDM.

#MYDM: IPOs Explained

Beyonce makes bank when Uber went public. Find out why she and other entertainers are now accepting stock equity instead of cash for their work, and learn how Initial Public Offerings (IPO) can work for you.


#MYDM: The Boys Are Back!

Manage Your Damn Money is back! Co-hosts Ben Carter and Malcolm Etheridge used the time well. There’s been a marriage, the birth of twins, an ongoing house hunt, corporate intrigue, and a new job. They’ve been quite busy. You can catch up on Ben and Malcolm’s adventures on this first show after their months-long break!


#MYDM: Understanding Economic Inequality Part 2



#MYDM: Understanding Economic Inequality Part 1


#MYDM: Lost Files from 2018 Recommitting to Financial Success in 2019

Whether it’s committing to a savings plans, researching your town’s first time home buyer program or FINALLY figuring out what an investment for the future would mean to you, a New Year is a great chance to start fresh, setting new and aggressive goals.

#MYDM: Lost Files from 2018 Becoming an Entrepreneur, But Not Starting from Scratch

On Manage Your Damn Money we often talk to and about entrepreneurs who are working on an idea that they know is going to change the world. But what if your entrepreneurial dreams aren’t motivated by some amazing idea you just have to get out, but by a desire to make a majority of the money in the business?


#MYDM: How Federal Interest Rake Hikes will Impact You and Credit Card Churning

Most of us know the important basics of how to effectively select a credit card. But what about picking a credit card based on rewards and then doing that over and over again for points, travel credits and other perks? #MYDM explores the risky but fascinating world of credit card churning. Ben & Malcolm also cover how recent federal interest rate increases will impact your pockets and shake their fists at the stupidity of Black Friday.

#MYDM: Amazon Lands in DC

#MYDM returns from its Fall 2018 break to discuss the news of trillion dollar company Amazon coming to further gentrify the Washington, DC metro area, and Malcolm explains why he’s big mad about it.

#MYDM: Is It Time for a New Kind of Capitalism?

A booming economy and record low unemployment numbers are our current reality in 2018. But how can an economy be booming at the same time Americans are suffering from stagnant wages? How can we be seeing record highs in the stock market, while regular people are still feeling the squeeze of their day-to-day finances? In this episode of #MYDM, Ben & Malcolm discuss an interesting proposal which aims to shift the kind of American capitalism we’ve come to know.

#MYDM: Nike’s Controversial Ad Campaign, Millennial-Preferred Employee Benefits and Other Hot Money Headlines

What are the implications behind Nike’s controversial ad campaign? What are the most sought after employee benefits for Millennials? And are Millennials really spending more on food than we are saving for our future? On this episode of #MYDM, Ben & Malcolm take a look at hot headlines as we exit this summer of 2018 and enter the fall, and rant about the NFL, also known as the “no fun league”. Pick your platform. Listen to this episode now!

#MYDM: The Cost of Raising Kids in America and MYDM Enters Parenthood… with Triplets 😳

The cat is out of the bag. Manage Your Damn Money is entering the most long-term, most daunting and most expensive endeavor ANYONE can undertake. #Parenthood.  How much will it cost for childcare? What about clothes? How about a simple (and cheap?) trip to your favorite fast food joint? Ben & Malcolm explore all the financial difficulties of raising children in America. And did we mention one of them is having triplets?


#MYDM: Is Bitcoin B.S.? A Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Debates MYDM

It’s new. It’s digital. It’s all the rage… and very hard to explain or even understand. Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic over the last year or so, and in this episode, Manage Your Damn Money lifts its embargo on the subject inviting cryptocurrency enthusiast Samson Williams to debate whether or not Bitcoin and the crypto craze at large is B.S.  Ben & Malcolm also discuss the implications of larger concentrations of the U.S. population living in fewer and fewer cities, as well as why tech executives like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg DON’T let their kids use the platforms they created.

#MYDM: Understanding the Costs of Healthcare

Whether it’s a common cold or serious health condition, we all get sick and sometimes, getting sick costs money. On this episode of #MYDM, we explore the value of having comprehensive health insurance and what happens when you don’t have coverage.

Ben & Malcolm also discuss whether or not Millennials are ready, or even financially capable of running to become an elected official in today’s America.

#MYDM: The Unfamiliar and Unknown Costs of Buying and Owning a Home

Would you date someone who isn’t well established financially? Would you be okay if your woman was the breadwinner? Should you and your partner split bills 50/50 or according to who makes more? #MYDM tackles the subject of Love & Money, again.

#MYDM: Major Financial Hurdles Facing Millennials and How to Overcome Them

Those born in the 1980s and on are facing some unique financial challenges – student loans, income inequality, and the question of social security. #MYDM takes a look at the many factors affecting the pockets of the Millennial generation, and how we might be able to win despite a really bad hand of cards. Ben & Malcolm also take a look at the most imbalanced places in the United States when it comes to income inequality.

#MYDM: Love and Money Again and NFL Rookie Saquon Barkley Plans to Save His $31 Million Contract

Would you date someone who isn’t well established financially? Would you be okay if your woman was the breadwinner? Should you and your partner split bills 50/50 or according to who makes more? #MYDM tackles the subject of Love & Money, again.

#MYDM: Classically Bad Financial Advice and Why Papa Johns Wants to Get Rid of Papa Johns

What’s the worst financial advice you’ve ever been given? Who gave it to you? Was it your crazy Uncle Larry? Or wine-glass-always-in-hand Aunt Leslie? We take a look at the most ridiculous financial advice given to us and to our listeners. Ben & Malcolm also explore the reason why Papa Johns would be working so hard to get rid of its founder, John Schnatter. *Hint: It might be due to a mild to moderate case what doctors refer to as raging racism.


#MYDM: The Great Recession of 2008 and a Game Show That Pays Off Student Loans

The result of an over inflated housing market, bad loans and good old American greed, we take a look back at the causes, aftermath and policy changes made as a result of The Great Recession of 2008.  Ben & Malcolm also discuss a new trivia game show that wants to pay off your student loan debt. We’re currently devising a plan to ensure Ben can be a contestant on the show.

#MYDM: Taking Your Side Hustle to the Next Level with Very Smart Brothas’ Panama Jackson

Wondering how you can turn that lemonade stand into a world renowned beverage brand? Or at least how to make a few bucks from that moonlight activity you love? We explore what it takes to convert your side hustle into a full blown money-making enterprise with the Co-Founder of Very Smart Brothas, Panama Jackson. Ben & Malcolm also cover the fallout from ABC’s cancellation of Roseanne and welcome the show’s very first live, in-studio audience.

#MYDM: Bouncing Back from a Financial Setback

Financial setbacks come in all shapes and sizes and never at a convenient time. But it’s important we all understand what has to happen when they hit and how to bounce back. Ben & Malcolm also discuss Amazon’s facial recognition technology and the arrival of the future world predicted by the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report.

#MYDM: Allocating Your Money by Percentages and Congressional Office Squatters

What percentage of your income should you spend on rent? What percentage should you be saving? What will be left for transportation or groceries? We take a look at how much you should be spending on what when it comes to allocating your funds. Ben & Malcolm also discuss Congressman sleeping in their offices because the rent is too damn high, and Ben shares a recent realization that he could probably afford a luxury car if it weren’t for a certain monthly expense.


#MYDM: Springtime Headlines to Follow and Several Reasons to Avoid Weddings

In this episode of #MYDM, we take a look at recent money-related headlines you need to be aware of as we transition into peak tricking-off season. Ben & Malcolm also discuss the absurdity of going broke to attend weddings, while Malcolm shares the impact poor collegiate oral health is having on his present-day finances.

#MYDM: How to Avoid Getting Scammed Online and in Real Life

In this episode of #MYDM, we explore the many different kinds of scams that have come and gone and share how you can protect yourself, your identity and your money from being taken advantage of on or offline.

#MYDM: Understanding Inflation and an NCAA Basketball Pay-for-Play Scandal

When you were a kid, a combo meal from McDonald’s would cost you no more than $5. Now, you can’t leave Mickey D’s without spending as much as you would on a Chipotle bowl with chips. Why? One word — Inflation. In this episode of #MYDM, we take a look at the effects of inflation on the cost of goods and on those working toward or already in retirement. Ben & Malcolm also share their views of an NCAA pay-for-play scandal.


#MYDM: Interview with Capital City Confectionery Business Owner Meaghan Murphy

Manage Your Damn Money #37: Interview with Capital City Confectionery Business Owner Meaghan Murphy


#MYDM: Interview with Corporate Success Expert Deborah T Owens

MYDM #36: Preparing for Success and Progress in the Worplace: A Conversation with Deborah T. Owens


#MYDM: Turning a Side Hustle Into a Business Zaineb Hassan

Manage Your Damn Money #35: Turning a Side Hustle Into A Business Zaineb Hassan


#MYDM: How Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Will Impact You

Manage Your Damn Money #34: How Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Will Impact You


#MYDM: News and Opinions on Cryptocurrency

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MYDM Moves Production to Montgomery Community Media Television Studios

From Manage You Damn Money website, “MYDM Moves Production to Montgomery Community Media Television Studios.”

“Manage Your Damn Money (MYDM) is proud to announce the movement of production of Manage Your Damn Money with Ben & Malcolm to the television studios of Montgomery Community Media (MCM), an independent, nonprofit public access media organization.

“‘We’re continuously humbled by those who see and understand the full vision of Manage Your Damn Money and the incredible impact it’s having on Millennials,’ said MYDM co-creator, Ben Carter. ‘From the start, we always saw MYDM as a TV show and I’m honored we now have the support of Montgomery Community Media to help bring that vision to fruition.’

“Manage Your Damn Money will resume production of its podcast turned television show starting in February 2018. The show will be produced both as a television show and as a podcast at Montgomery Community Media’s flagship TV studio in Rockville, MD.

“‘I’m really excited about having the chance the upgrade what our show looks like,’ said MYDM co-host Malcolm Ethridge. ‘With MCM’s incredible facilities and knowledgeable production staff, I expect fans of the show to pull even more value from this weekly labor of love.'”

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