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Food Reserves Looking Low

Here at Manna, we continue to see more clients than ever. This month already, we’ve served over 3,200 families – and we still have a few days left in the shortest month of the year! Last year, we averaged 3,400 families a month; in 2013, we expect that to be closer to 3,600 or 3,700 families per month. Last year, that added up to over 184,000 individuals. You can imagine this year how many more we will serve!

Every year, during the holidays, the community gathers together to push for food for their hungry neighbors, gathering thousands of pounds of food for Manna. During the summer months, we collect thousands of pounds of fresh produce from farmers and neighbors, and are learning with the help of Farm to Freezer to freeze much of the bounty for the winter.

But what happens in the spring before the crops are harvested and after the Thanksgiving push when we’re not thinking about hunger issues? As you can tell from our shelves (picture), the food reserves start to thin out a bit here.

At Manna, we pride ourselves on never having to turn any hungry person away. In order to continue to give out over 3 million pounds of food each year, we need your help. When you donate a dollar to Manna, we can turn that into $5 of food purchasing power. You can always donate online, or send us your donation in the mail. Don’t have an extra dollar? Hold a food drive in your community, work, or church, and help us re-stock the shelves this spring! Email for more information or click here for our wish list.

The community has been helping Manna serve thousands of hungry residents every year for the past 30 years. Help us continue in our mission to fight hunger and feed hope by supporting your food bank today!

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Jenna Umbriac

About Jenna Umbriac

Jenna Umbriac is Manna's dietitian. Since 1983, Manna has been feeding Montgomery County’s food insecure residents. In our 30 years of service Manna has served nearly 3 million people, 668,527 households, and distributed 45 million pounds of food. As the designated food bank for Montgomery County we are the main resource people turn to when they find themselves in need of food assistance. Manna delivers emergency food assistance through its three main programs: Food for Families, Smart Sacks, and Agency Food Distribution.


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