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Patrick Drengwitz is a recent graduate of Salisbury University with a degree in Communications and a minor in Psychology. He hopes that one day his passion for sports coverage will snag him a position with a prestigious news station. This blog will comment on all things sports, with a particular focus on Nationals baseball, Redskins football and professional tennis.

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Chivalry Will Never Die


The sport of soccer saw something so rare yesterday that it merited its very own blog post. As Bremen captain Aaron Hunt raced towards the goal with the ball,  he fell in the penalty box and the referee, thinking Hunt had been tripped by a defenseman, blew the whistle and awarded him a penalty shot. […]

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Here Comes the Money!

photo Patrick Drengwitz

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., called so because he is far and away the highest paid athlete in the world, has been teasing the boxing world for months as to who his next opponent will be. Finally, Argentinean stud Marcos Maidana has been named that man and will take on the pound-for-pound king on May 3 […]

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