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Omri Haberman is a Trainer for MCM’s Training and Volunteer Services department. Omri has been with MCM for five years, wearing multiple hats. He has experience as a production technician, teaching assistant and playback operator. This blog will focus on current and upcoming classes at MCM. It is intended for anybody who wants to learn about classes and more happenings at MCM.

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Here We Go Again!

8.2017 ECE Class Flyer

It’s that time of year again, everyone is back from summer vacations and the kids are going back to school.  Here at MCM, we look forward to meeting new people and welcoming back existing students/volunteers.  As our classes start up again, we have some exciting news.  First of all, MCM has a new Education & […]

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Final Cut X vs. Premiere


This is a never ending debate in the video production industry.  It’s not that different than Apple vs. Android.  There are a lot of wrongs, a lot of rights, and too many contradicting opinions.  As a trainer who teaches both classes at MCM I will try to present the differences in the most unbiased way […]

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Studio Producer Projects June 2014

photo of TV camera looking into the lens

As we’re nearing our spring round of classes, we are excited to present a few of our projects.  Our studio producer class did a remarkable job planning their first projects.  As you can see, with this quality of work they are definitely ready to work on their future projects.       Summer is practically […]

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Studio Producer Class Project


The excitement level in our classes is still on the top and we’re towards the end of our winter classes.  I want to dedicate this blog post to our studio producer class which really impressed me with their projects so far.  They’ve managed to prepare for studio productions in minimal time, but with maximum effort. […]

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Laughs, Giggles, and Teachable Moments


I’d like to start this post with a positive note as our technical team solved a life changing issue in our kitchen.  Apparently the microwave didn’t work because it didn’t melt ice cubes.  I was convinced the problem was with the ice cubes, but I guess I was wrong! This week I witnessed how wonderful […]

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Let's Get the Snow on the Road

First day field class

Another week of classes has passed and we are pleased to hear positive feedback from students.  Overall, classes are full and attentive.  Our youngest student is 14-years-old and respectfully I wouldn’t even ask about the oldest. Our week, just like any other week starts or ends Saturday, depends on how you look at it.   On […]

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First Day of Class


Jan. 14 was an exciting new day of studio technician class.  The sun was setting and the evening came which means MCM transforms from a typical office to a very lively building with volunteers and students who come to participate in shows. I’m always impressed when students show up early to class.  Treava was the […]

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