Consumer Healthcare Corner for You and Your Parents

Health care has changed significantly over the past 20 years. The latest and most popular health insurance plans are Consumer Driven Health Plans. These plans shift the risk from the health insurance companies, to you, consumer. Medicare changes to reimbursements for medical facilities and for medical providers is causing hospitals to change their way of doing business, and causing some medical practitioners to stop accepting Medicare. You need to know how the current health care environment is impacting you and your elderly loved ones. This blog will address topics that will prepare you for the time you or your elderly loved ones need to use our U.S. health care system.

Laurel Jones is a Health care Advocate and founder of Infinity Business and Concierge Services, where they support individuals, families, and employer groups in the DC metro area.

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Presenteeism and the Working Family Caregiver

Personal Health Issues or Family Caregiving can be costly for Employers

Presenteeism is a term that is used with human performance measurement by human resources and organizational leaders. It is the enemy of highly functioning teams.  Presenteeism is described as being present at work but not being productive due to mental or physical health reasons.  This can take the form for excessive time on the phone or internet […]

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Get a Healthcare Advocate

Caregivers are there to comfort and to console

If you’re caring for someone who has Medicare you should know that the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee noted that almost 1 in 5 hospitalized Medicare patients will be READMITTED to the hospital within 30 days of discharge at a cost of about $15 billion.  Dorland Health noted that avoidable hospital readmissions are typically caused by […]

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Mother's Day and Beyond

What will you get your Mother this Mother's Day

As you spend your weekend thinking of ways to show your mother, or the person who’s been like a mother to you, just how wonderful they are, think about ways that you can help them take care of themselves.  Also think of ways to touch her heart. Mothers are the world’s most famous family caregivers.  […]

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When Life Barges In - Caregiving and Support

photo of holding hands

It’s a good day.  You’re aware that you are living in the fruits of your labor.  A minute after you enjoy that awareness, a new reality barges into your life.  The phone rings. You get a text, or an E-mail.  It’s your parent, spouse,  50+ year old family member or friend that you love – […]

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Be Aware - It's Coming

Stethoscope  on a USA flag

If you’re reading this blog that means that you are human, and you live in a body.  One day, your body, mind, or both will need health care support.  It is to your advantage to know what to expect when using your U.S. health care system, which is ever evolving.  Today, you need to understand […]

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