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Blog: How to Do a Backdoor ROTH IRA in 3 Easy Steps!

Backdoor ROTH IRA Thumbnail

You no longer qualify for a Roth? You can still get huge tax savings by doing a Backdoor Roth. There’s a tax loophole that makes this possible. This video explains 3 easy steps on how to do a legal Roth hack as well as some common pitfalls to avoid!  

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Blog: House Buying And Selling Tips!

Thrifty In Transit Youtube Thumbnail

Planning to buy a home? Selling your condo? Alvin Carlos (District Capital) and Yen Le (Long & Foster) discuss the state of the DC/MD/VA real estate market in light of the pandemic. We offer tips for home buyers and sellers!

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Blog: 3 Common Mistakes With Roth IRAs

feature financially free blog 3 common mistakes with roth iras

Have you started contributing to a Roth IRA? Here are three very common mistakes people make with Roth IRA’s. Make sure they don’t apply to you now or in the future!

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Blog: How to Save More Money in 2020

How to save more money thumbnail

Are you interested in building your savings in 2020? There are many ways to do this – listen here as Alvin discusses three practical changes you can make to save more money!  

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Blog: 3 Ways to Bridge the Racial Wealth Gap

Thumbnail 3 Ways to Bridge Racial Wealth Gap

Are you looking for productive ways to help the fight against racial inequality? Here are three tips on how to bridge the racial wealth gap through your financial choices!

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Blog: How to Select Stocks that are Worth Buying


Getting started in picking your own stocks can be risky and confusing. Alvin outlines a few tips for picking your own stocks without making expensive mistakes!

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BLOG: Lost Your Job Due to Pandemic?

feature alvin carlos 5 tips if you lost your job

Many Americans have lost their job during the pandemic. Listen here as Alvin shares some ways to stay afloat with your finances if you lost your job.

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Blog: Fossil Fuel Free Investing

feature financially free alvin carlos

Many investors are contemplating ways they can transition some of their investments to align with their values – specifically environmentally conscious values.  Learn some misconceptions and benefits of going fossil fuel free and how you can realign your investments in our video here.    

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BLOG: Lessons from the 1918 Pandemic

feature Alvin Carlos

Listen here as Alvin Carlos shares some lessons we have learned from the Pandemic of 1918 that can help us during this modern day pandemic.  

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BLOG: Have We Reached the Stock Market Bottom?

feature Alvin Carlos

Alvin Carlos discusses the decline in the stock market and answers five frequently asked questions in this short video.

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