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Forecast for MoCo Entrepreneurship: Bright & Sunny

Odysseas Papadimitriou

Montgomery County entrepreneurship has an extremely bright future, if for no other reason than the area’s excellent public schools and location abreast the world’s most powerful city. Those factors guarantee there will be no shortage of either opportunity or individuals capable of capitalizing on it in the county’s foreseeable future. However, the forecast is currently […]

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Functional Fitness: Three Simple Exercises

photo of Hal Gaut

May is Older Americans Month – an event that brings many reasons for celebration. However, one of the unfortunate side effects of aging is a natural loss of muscle mass. Addressing this natural decline is an important part of creating a healthy and indepedent future. We often hear about benefits of strength training and cardiovascular […]

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Get Stronger Without Getting Up From Your Chair

photo Fitness Step 1

Exercise programs, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. And there are incredible benefits to be derived from any and all types of exercise. One of the most valuable types is strength training. What does that translate to for older adults? Stronger muscles mean being able to carry our own groceries, get out of […]

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Church Volunteers Give Azalea Garden a New Face

photo volunteers cleaning up azalea garden

Early Sunday morning the members of the World Mission Society Church of God arrived at the Brighton Dam Azalea Garden to tend the grounds. The five-acre azalea garden, with an amazing tranquil view of the dam, was in great need of some cosmetic help. It received all it needed from “the cheerful people in the […]

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Meet Emily Jackson (Photos)

photo Emily Jackson

Battling obesity is no joke! As a single mom, the battle is on.  I was a swimmer and played basketball, volleyball and tennis through Cabin John Jr. High and Winston Churchill High School in the late 1970’s. I always had a propensity towards being chubby or “husky,” but sports and athletics were my life. I […]

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