Have Kids, Will Travel

Shelley Schneiderman Ducker wears many hats – mom, wife, daughter, sister, communicator, coordinator and traveler. Her passion for adventure travel has taken her to more than 70 countries around the world and 34 states here in the U.S. Born in DC and raised in Montgomery County, Shelley seeks out adventure and new experiences not just on the road, but also here at home. Taking on the world one trip at a time, Shelley hasn’t let her kids slow her down and has two young children who are skilled plane travelers, hotel sleepers, and even “squattie potty” users.

Join Shelley on her travels near and far.

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Temples, Toilets, Tantrums and Trying New Things

temple girls with monk

One of the (sometimes limited) joys of family adventure travel is exposing your kids to new and different things. Fruits we’ve never seen before. Crowded fish markets. Untouched palm frocked beaches…. When I travel, I seek out the different. In fact, I specifically pick destinations that offer cultures, scenery, and food totally alien to everyday […]

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Adventure Travel with Kids…and Elephants

Elephant ride

“Ride Them, Feed Them, Watch them Poop, Purchase Poop Products” I love adventure travel, I’m selfish and I’m a glutton for punishment. All that’s to say that I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my globe-trotting ways when I had kids, and as such, I’ve schlepped iPads loaded with everything from Dora and Sesame Street to High School Musical […]

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