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I cover personal finance issues that face Gen X and the Middle Class. I also focus on the financial impact of life transitions such as divorce, job changes, or death of a partner. Each month I will also be sharing a market commentary titled “Here’s To Your Wealth”.

My blog is designed to provide useful information for those who are pursuing a better financial life.

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Planning Moves To Protect Your Income In 2019

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As the new year approaches, market volatility and economic uncertainty are taking center stage. With so much news noise, mixed messages out of Washington and uncertainty abroad, individuals face an uncertain planning landscape. Many economists expect that the U.S. economy peaked in the third quarter of 2018 and that overseas markets will continue to struggle. […]

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7 Mistakes To Avoid After Receiving A Financial Windfall

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These days, with enormous lottery jackpots almost common, many people think a financial windfall refers to an outrageous sum of money. However, those circumstances are very rare and financial windfalls are usually the result of a much more modest event such as an inheritance, cashing in of stock grants or options, the sale of a […]

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5 Reasons Why Higher Interest Rates Matter


For the past decade, we have lived in a period of relatively low interest rates. In response to the 2008 market and economic collapse, The Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) began a multi-year policy of accommodative monetary policy, which kept both consumer and corporate interest rates low. At the same time, overseas financial institutions, like […]

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It’s Not Too Soon For Taxes. 4 Moves You Can Make Now

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With the April 15th tax filing deadline still months away, it may seem early to consider taxes, but when it comes to reducing your tax bill, starting early makes eminent sense. Too often tax planning is delayed until very late in the year or until we complete our tax returns. By then it is often […]

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College Costs And The Myth Of A 'Free' Athletic Scholarship

College Student w Basketball

With the high and rising cost of a college education, parents are looking for ways to increase affordability. Some families with talented child-athletes look to earning athletic scholarships as a primary means of funding higher education. But are they really coming out ahead financially when they pay for more than a dozen years of athletic […]

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5 Things To Do With Your Raise Or Bonus


With the economy growing at a rapid pace and unemployment dropping, wages are showing strong increases. According to the Department of Labor, unemployment is at 3.9% and wages have been rising at a 2.7% annualized rate for the past three months. Companies are being pressured to pay more for talent and to keep their employees […]

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Why College Students Should Know the Cost of a College Education

college tuition

With indications that current college students will need to accumulate well over one million dollars simply to remain in the middle class during their later years, pursuing financial freedom from an early age makes eminent sense. However, many teens or twenty-somethings tune out around talk about investing for retirement. Framing investment conversations that college students […]

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Why Target Date Funds Dominate The 401(k) Market

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A Target Date Fund (TDF) combines a variety of investment strategies into one mutual fund. The concept is that investors, based on their target date of retirement, can simply select one mutual fund that will be managed for them during their entire life. This is because the asset allocation and investments inside the TDF will […]

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Millennials Could Give This Financial Gift To Dad For Father's Day

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This year for Father’s Day, instead of another golf shirt, a gift card, or the ever popular power tool, if your dad doesn’t already have a written financial plan, consider giving him one. The millennial generation is poised to be the next “sandwich generation,” providing for their children while also having to care for elderly […]

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The Most Important Question To Ask When Buying Whole Life Insurance


You may have heard the expression, “Buy ‘term’ and invest the difference.” While this axiom makes sense for many, there are times when whole life insurance is appropriate. It may sound odd, but a good question to ask is this: “Do I want to have life insurance when I die?” If you answer yes, then […]

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