Magnificence in the Mundane

Bringing humor to the many challenges of parenting, driving a gigantic SUV full of smelly boys and their friends, letting go of the idea of perfection and tackling middle age all serve as my inspiration. We all have common experiences, I just share my take on the absurdity of every day life.

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Summer 2017: Weathering the Storm


Water. It giveth and it taketh away. It felt wrong to write about anything but water today. A pithy blog just wouldn’t come. Even as I sat in my dry house with all the creature comforts not viewing water as the enemy. It is a fact that 71% of the earth is covered in water […]

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Summer 2017: The Hallmark of a Good Movie

By Hallmark Company (Seen in [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The nice folks at The Hallmark Channel decided to run movies every afternoon so I could have something to watch while I recuperated and pretended to write. No one would watch them with me, but, realistically, I don’t need a bunch of people complaining and eye-rolling over perfectly entertaining, trite dialogue anyway. They can laugh […]

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Summer 2017: Pack Rat

car-2429281_1920 (1)

Packing for sophomore year of college is supposed to be easier. You are seasoned. A veteran, for God’s sake, not some amateur who got sucked into all the drama of the perfect dorm room. That is until you get sucked into the drama of the perfect apartment. The Hub at the University of South Carolina […]

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Summer 2017: Eclipsing Expectations

Residents React to Solar Eclipse in Gaithersburg - YouTube

You know it’s serious when Savannah Guthrie opens The Today Show in a dress imprinted with clouds. It screamed, “Welcome to Solar Eclipse 2017 people…” After weeks of learning more than I ever needed to know about burning my retinas and terms like “line of totality”, the big day was finally here. But could it […]

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Summer 2017 : Growth in Goodbye

Maureen Stiles Growth in Goodbye

As I write this, the mile markers tick off the 7-hr distance between my eldest and his family. Although the route is familiar to him now, this journey signals his first move-in without us. This time last year, we had just returned from freshman drop-off and were feeling low indeed. So much of what is […]

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Summer 2017: Down but Not Out


I am squarely blaming the ants. Combating their shenanigans had weakened my reserves and left me susceptible to a bug of another kind. Mom was down for the count. One minute I was driving in my car and totally fine and the next, I wanted my mommy and a mountain of blankets. You know how […]

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Summer 2017: Car Conversations

purple passenger car suv graphic square

I, like many mothers I know, spend a large portion of every day in my car. I often wonder what my big, old Yukon would say if it could talk. We spend a lot of time together, so it knows me pretty well. As I was waiting for smelly people to get in the car […]

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Summer 2017: ANTagonized

Ant graphic square

This is the text I got Saturday while on a date with my husband… “There are ants all over the counter. I got rid of them though with vinegar.” While I applauded the effort, I was skeptical that the ants had been eviscerated. This was not our first pest rodeo. Despite the fact that we […]

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Summer 2017: To Sweden with Love


To the outside world, Sweden is the coolest place on earth. Of course, I am basing this assessment simply on my new IKEA catalog and the singing group ABBA, but they both present pretty compelling cases. My new shiny book is filled with horrible names for beautiful things that I just know would make me […]

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Summer 2017: Now We’re Cooking


With college departure T-one week, I am creating a cook book for my oldest to take with him. I am still not 100% sure he will actually follow through and cook two meals a day in his apartment. But, if he gives up midway through the first semester, I’ll be damned if the reason will […]

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