Suburban Women Hitting the Pavement in Montgomery County

My name is Adina Crawford and my life was transformed about ten years ago when I discovered my fitness journey.

Five years ago, you wouldn’t see many people of color running 5ks, 10ks—and I’m a triathoner—and you wouldn’t see them out there either. But more and more women of color are hitting the pavement, and are becoming more accepted in the running community. When it comes to running, I pass no judgement on anyone whether you walk, jog, or skip. All you have to do is move. When people make excuses, I say, “Well what about your health?”

I think it’s really important we uplift and encourage other women to move. I don’t care what race, age, type of runner you are. But I came from a family who never exercised, so I got a lot of goals and ambitions to keep moving. I may not be the fastest, but that’s where I’m at. Be the light for somebody else.

I serve as the  Black Girls Run DC ambassador and support amazing women in our area as they transform their lives through running. Follow me in my blog to hear their amazing stories on their fitness journeys.

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Staying in the Game of Fitness


There are alarming rates all over the internet as it relates to African American Women and the health matters associated with our race. Just recently I read an article (DHHS) and they talked about why four out of five black women are overweight, obese, and/or lacking in physical fitness. While we know that Diet and […]

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Fit and Fabulous while Striving for Progress not Perfection


Fitness is not only an experience but it is a journey that can take you to different levels of feeling comfortable to uncomfortable depending on the level of activity. No person should shy away from being fit as the rewards and benefits are amazing with muscle strength, increased mental capacity and clarity, cardiovascular just to name […]

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Running on Perseverance and Stoutheartedness


There is dedication, motivation, inspiration and commitment in the things we love to do. Let’s face it, most of us are doing things to better ourselves whether health, fitness employment or just self care. As a runner nothing feels more rewarding than having these things in the forefront running in a community of numerous accountability […]

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Running Against All Odds


I am overjoyed to talk about a featured athlete Ana. Ana started running with Black Girls Run back in 2012. Where she formed a sisterhood of friends and women who shared the same fitness journey and goals as she did. I am here to tell you first hand and witnessing her journey from the  beginning […]

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Running on Faith and Promise


The inspiration continues. There are many reasons why women run or begin a journey into running. It could be as simple as one is stuck in a rut, in need of alone time,  peace, camaraderie, fellowship, just want to feel good about YOU! With all the day-to-day minutiae that affects us mentally, physically and emotionally […]

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We Started from the Bottom and Now We are Here


As I mentioned in my previous blog the small segment of Upper Montgomery County there are some amazing fitness stories of amazing ladies keeping their fitness journey at the forefront. Black Girls Run has groups all over the United States with one of the largest amount of runners in the DMV area which consists of […]

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Here is Juanita Farmer's Running Journey


Montgomery County Maryland has a population of 1.04 million residents. Within that population there is a small segment of the county where a group of ladies gather to hit the pavement to combat the health disparities i.e. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and several others associated with our race.  I am here to share with you […]

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