World According to Marsha B.

The World According to Marsha B. How I see the world and wondering if others see it as I do. A peek into my sense of fashion and style. All about my life and everyday scenarios.

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Marsha B: Making Moves

Marsha B TV

Marsha B. TV is in full effect! Yes! I love this picture. Makes me look like I am doing something, right? Michelle Queen, one of my favorite people, reminded me the other day of the obstacles that I overcame. I overcame  A LOT in the past few months. That big snow storm that hit a […]

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What I Learned From "My 600-lb Life"

Marsha Barkley

My 600-lb Life is a show I stumbled across on TLC. It’s a reality show (Ok I know what most think about reality shows, but this is a good one, I promise!) about persons who are overweight to the tune of 500 lbs or more. They have gastric bypass surgery in order to jump start […]

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I Got A Name For My TV Show! Want To Know What It Is?

MarshaBTV Banner

  I have finally decided on a  name for my new TV show. What took me so long? Well I wanted to be sure I needed a new name. DMV Fashion News & Events is a good name. Yes it is, BUUUUUUT, I wanted something new and fresh. I didn’t want any old baggage or […]

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Sky Is The Limit: Surround Yourself With Winning People

Sky Is The Limit. Marsha B

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher. Once you do, Sky is The Limit”― Oprah Winfrey & Marsha B. That’s right folks. In order for others to help you to win, you have to show you want to win. Once you do…..Sky is the limit!  That picture shows me high in the sky […]

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Change is Inevitable: The World According To Marsha B.

Marsha Barkley.fw

  This is me, Marsha B. WHOA, you say! Big difference, huh? Yes it is. What made the change? Why did you do it?  Can I do it, too? What are you doing next?   WHAT MADE THE CHANGE? I got tired of being fat. Point Blank. There comes a time when you get tired […]

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